Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Portfolio Cases - Presentation is So Important

Whether you are an artist, an architect, a student or a teacher, a portfolio case is an item you simply must have.  Think of the Portfolio Cases as a brief case to safely encase and transport items of a more diverse size and nature than a standard brief case.

If you handle and or transport drawings, paintings or renderings, a portfolio allows you to conveniently protect and carry large bulky items.  Some models also allow you to carry your tools of the trade with you.

Cases come in a many different styles and configurations.  Hard sided, soft sided, thin, thick, large, small, utilitarian and elegant.

One of the most important aspects of a portfolio case is that your items will remain flat.  A flat drawing or piece of artwork is much easier to display for presentation or to work on than an item that has been rolled and carried in a tube or folded. 

Whether you are showing a drawing, blue print or piece of art work to a prospective client, presentation sets the mood of your meeting.  Very few things can be as frustrating to a potential customer as fighting with a drawing that has been rolled up and does not want to lay flat.  Your presentation is not going well if your possible client is letting out an audible sigh every time they have to roll out and hold down your drawing or artwork to look at it. 

As a student, you will probably not be using the best modes of transportation while transporting your projects to and from class.  You certainly do not want to have your grade on any given item to be negatively impacted by stains, creases, tears, etc.

A portfolio case that has room and or compartments for your scales, straight edges, pens, pencils, brushes, paint etc. will help to eliminate that horrible feeling of getting to your class or meeting and realizing that you forgot to bring your case that holds your tools of your trade.

Your potential client or teacher will be impressed with your display of organization when you open a high quality Portfolio Case and have everything you need to make a highly effective presentation.  In addition, everyone will be duly impressed if you also have the tools with you to make any required changes or alterations on a nice flat drawing or piece of artwork. 


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