Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Drafting Chairs Allow More Time on the Project

When artists and designers are ready for professional equipment, it is time to look into quality drafting chairs. Sitting puts stress on the lumbar area of the body, and chairs that are used for extended periods of time should give support, and encourage the good posture which lessens stress, and allows the user to concentrate on his project, instead of his muscle strain.

Modern chairs offer comfort, and support that enables users to spend more time at the table. They are available in a number of styles and sizes that fit most budgets, and they adjust to accommodate table and user height. Drafting chairs come in a variety of materials and complexity, from the most basic to luxurious leather seating.

Boss has an entry-level chair that features a contoured back and seat. The frame is reinforced nylon, and the fabric upholstery comes in gray, burgundy, blue or black. The Boss chair has a 17” by 17” seat and a 20” foot ring. The pneumatic gas-lift seat adjusts from 28” to 33” high. There are optional soft casters which lessen the impact of the chair on wood floors.

Alvin offers a basic quality chair. The Griffin, by Alvin, Mesh Drafting Chair has pneumatic height controls that adjust the chair from 23” to 33”. The height-and-depth adjustable 16” by 18” mesh fabric backrest is breathable. There is an 18” foot ring, and the base has a 25” diameter.

The Prestige Chair by Alvin features an articulating fabric backrest and seat. The roomy 19” seat is constructed of molded foam with a 2” cushion. There is an adjustable 20” diameter foot ring and a 24” reinforced nylon base.

Safco has a basic chair which features a vinyl seat and backrest. The seat height control is one-touch pneumatic, and the back rest adjusts manually. The chair will support 250 pounds, and has a 360 degree swivel. The chair materials are anti-microbial and fire-retardant.

When choosing a chair, it is crucial to consider body size. One size definitely does not fit all. Alvin and Co. sells a model called “The Olympian Heavy Duty” which accommodates big and tall people up to 280 pounds. The extra-thick molded 21” by 22” seat has a 4” foam cushion, and a waterfall edge for extra comfort. The Olympian has pneumatic adjustment for height, adjusting from 17” to 21”, but extensions which allow up to a 28” height are available.

On the luxury end of chair models, Alvin offers “The Art Director.” It boasts an extra-thick seat cushion, and high back covered in buffalo leather. Arm rests and seat height extensions come with this model. The seat is 19” by 20”, and the chair rests on a 26” reinforced nylon base.

At either end of the spectrum, quality and durability are a must. Artists and designers who are ready for a “step up” can find exactly what they need, and want, in today’s drafting seats.


At November 2, 2020 at 12:40 AM , Blogger Zayden Wood said...

Comfort and support is the major requirement for a chair user. If you work for long hours you need extra support and comfort. A good sitting posture is required when you work on desk. Drafting chairs fulfill this need of the user. These chairs includes comfort, build quality, ergonomics. drafting chairs generally come with the ability to adjust the height. That’s perfect for the people of different heights to find the right setting for them. It ensures that people can easily touch the floor or foot rest if there is one.


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