Monday, September 9, 2013

Telescoping Document Tubes

No matter the types of document that an individual has, they will always have a need to protect the actual original copy. This could range from all types of documents. Especially in the case of odd or oversized ones, the way that they are protected best is by being placed in a telescoping document tube. This type of document carrier is designed to ensure that the document inside of it doesn't get damaged or creased in any way. They are also going to be waterproof and will keep out any moisture to ensure the document or documents stay intact.

Some of the items that would benefit from the protection of telescoping document tubes are drawings, whether that would be an artist's rendering, a poster, large photographs or a drawing for a blue print. Maps can also be kept in these tubes to ensure they stayed rolled up. This is also a great way to keep really old maps that could potentially be collectible and are actually very valuable. These tubes make it perfect for those documents that are falling apart from being old and suffering from hard use, but that one wants to keep intact as long as possible. It's best to leave those types of maps in the tube  or properly mounted for wall display, with acid-free mounting and protection from sunlight.

The telescoping document tubes don't only make great storage but are perfect for travel. The documents can be safely placed on a plane or in a car and they will not get wrinkled or damaged in any way. Paper tears very easily and this could be a problem if the document is really important or old. They are also perfect for when someone needs to mail out a blueprint, oversize photo, poster, artwork or large document. They can travel in the mail and be ensured to protect the document wherever it is going.

These tubes also come in many different sizes. The sizes that are available range to meet the document types needs. When shopping for a tube it is best to know the measurements of the documents that are going to be stored inside of them. This way when the document is rolled up in it's tightest form, it will be able to fit into the tube without any problems. The tubes are going to be priced for the type of material they are made of, which is usually plastic, and for the size that they are. If someone has important documents they need to store, transport or ship, these tubes are highly recommended.


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