Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Proportional Dividers

Their Purpose             
One of the purposes of a proportional divider is to transfer a set of measurements from one scale to another. The process of scaling is used to make a drawing or a diagram larger or smaller in terms of absolute size while keeping the same proportions. Another use for the divider is to divide a line or a circle into any number of equal parts.

What The Tool Looks Like

A proportional divider has two legs which are the exact same length and have a point on each end. Connecting the two legs is a pivot point which can be adjusted according to the precise ratio that is required. This ratio can also be made to equal to that between the two scales.

Running down the length of each of the legs is an open slit which is rounded at both ends. Numbers and marks are indicated all along this slit, much as on a ruler, and a small metal slide fits within; it is this piece that you move when you want to adjust the size of the line or circle that you are making. The steel needle points of the legs can be replaced.

Who Uses These Tools?

The proportional divider is a very valuable tool for people with a variety of jobs. Architects in particular have great use for these tools, which can help them to determine the proportions among the various parts of buildings, both inside and out. Architecture is a field in which accuracy of measurement and proportion is of the utmost importance; the slightest mistake can throw everything else off. A PD can be used for many other structural engineering jobs for which precision is similarly required, including the designing of cars, furniture, computers, vacuum cleaners, ovens and other machines.

PDs are, however, useful for much more than putting together objects that serve utilitarian purposes. They can be an important tool for the artist as well, specifically for the sculptor. (Need we remind you that sculpture has long been a part of architecture?) You can use a PD to see how the different parts of the human body relate in size to one another, which is something that often causes difficulty for the beginning artist. It can even help you to learn how to draw!

How to Use a Divider

Basically, if you know how to use a pair of compasses, then you can easily use a divider. The range of proportions on the legs generally runs from 1:1 to 1:10. Holding the tool in one hand, stretch your arm out directly in front of you and place whatever you want to draw or diagram so that you can see it through the opening in the divider. The distance between the legs should reflect the size of the object as seen from that distance. Then position the divider on paper and mark the positions of the legs with a pencil.    

Friday, October 25, 2013

Drafting Table Desks

Artists, architects and even at-home crafters, whether you are interested in sewing or stamping, can benefit from a drafting table desk. There are many different desks to choose from that are perfect for offices and studios or just a craft corner in your home. There are many drafting tables that are suited for students and professionals alike. Some desks are made with certain people in mind and it is important to find the table that is right for you and your needs. Two-legged and four-legged tables have different properties and an artists' desk often has a greater tilt than other tables. There are also light tables that can illuminate your project from below and portable tables you can take anywhere.

Professional drafting tables are extra-sturdy and are intended to last for years to come. They are great for engineers, architects, and of course drafters as well as artists. Professional tables come in either two-legged and four-legged styles with or without storage desk drawers. They also come with a variety of tilt options. Artist drafting table desks for both students and professionals have tilts allowing them to be set up like easels. They can be used to create both horizontal and vertical work spaces. These special tilt tables are often two-legged in order to allow the full ninety-degree adjustment option.

Glass top drafting desks are a great addition to a modern office. They are both stylish and functional. They are suitable for any type of drafting as well as crafting. The glass is tempered safety glass, so it is extremely durable. Many can be modified to be light tables as well. Standard light tables have plexiglass tops and allow for tilts up to forty degrees. The best light table lamps are daylight lamps, which are color-correct for the best lighting conditions.

Some drafting tables today are made specifically for arts and crafts enthusiasts. They often have ample storage and can make a great hobby station. They typically come with some tilt options as well as adjustable table heights. Traditional hobby tables have a wooden top with a metal base, but there are also glass top models available. They can provide a unique contemporary look to your craft room. In addition to many storage options, some of these drafting tables also come with side trays to store art or other supplies. Folding, lightweight drafting desks are excellent for both adults and children. They are collapsible for easy storage or transport.

There are many other types of drafting desks. It is also possible to buy a drafting table desk and chair set, ensuring that the components match in order to keep your crafting or office space looking stylish. Drafting tables made of wood can have both contemporary and traditional styles to compliment your studio however you like. There are also handicap accessible tables that have cutouts to make it easier for individuals in wheelchairs to maneuver. They also have convenient raised edges to stop items from rolling off. No matter your needs you can find a drafting table that will suit you.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Finding the Safeco Product to Fit Your Needs

An office is what you make of it. Some offices are difficult to work in. The chairs distract one from work, the environment is cluttered and it can be impossible to figure out how people are organizing their documents. On the other hand, there are offices that are a pleasure to work in. One can sit down and not be distracted from his work, it's obvious where documents should be stored, and in general, the environment simply works with people instead of against them. The biggest difference in these offices often simply comes down to furniture.

Safeco products are designed around this important concept. Safeco offers a wide variety of office equipment which will streamline and enhance any workplace. Of course this brings up the question of which products are essential to an office. It's best to begin by looking at common problem areas. One of the most frequently problematic area in an office is the chairs. At best, an uncomfortable chair will simply be an annoyance. At worst, an uncomfortable chair will actually cause damage to a person's back. This is why it's essential to shop for office chairs which properly support the back. All of Safeco's chairs are of the highest quality, and ensure that an office will be comfortable and productive.

The second most important aspect of office life is organization. There are a number of different Safeco products to help organize an office. For offices which work with blueprints and drafting, it's often best to go with storage units specifically designed for these sorts of documents. This will usually mean a choice between blueprint racks and roll files. Each of these products serves a purpose, but the specifics of their functionality are different.

A standard blueprint rack is designed to store documents in the same way they would be seen. Basically the blueprints are stored fully unrolled and one can easily open up an individual tray to take them out. The main advantage of these storage units is ease of use. One doesn't have to bother with specially preparing documents for storage. Instead one just puts them in or takes them out. In contrast, rolling storage units are designed to store rolled up documents. Basically, one simply rolls up a document into a tube, then places them in the unit for storage. The biggest advantage of these units is space. The units are able to hold more documents within a much smaller area. Of course the disadvantage is that one needs to roll documents before storing them. There are also variations to the rolled units, such as portability. Roll files which can be easily moved around are known as mobile roll files, and they are sold within the Safeco product line as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make Work Easier

A rolling hanging file cart can make work so much easier when your job requires you to tote around bulky, back breaking files. This type of cart is not recommended if you have to travel to multiple locations for work, but one definitely comes in handy if you stay in one place.

As a legal assistant at a county courthouse, I can't imagine work without a rolling hanging file cart. Each morning, around 100 files are pulled for the morning's cases. After lunch, the same number of files are pulled for the afternoon. Before we had a hanging file cart we stacked the files on a flat cart, in alphabetical order. If Mark Smith was in line after Mary Anderson, a lot of stack shifting ensued. A rolling cart that allowed the files to be hanged and organized eliminated this aggravation. Files can be placed between the alphabetically-tabbed hanging files. No matter who is in line, their file is seconds away. If you are planning on purchasing your cart, it is important to get one sturdy enough to meet your needs.

Make sure your cart has a metal frame, preferably steel. This will help keep the cart frame from bending, once it is carrying heavy files and paper. Be sure the wheels are thick, on 4 swivel casters and are attached properly and tightened. It is also handy to buy a cart that has at least 2 locking wheels, to ensure it doesn't roll away from you. A shelf along the bottom for additional storage usually comes in handy too. Most rolling file carts don't come assembled. So, either have it assembled at the store, or if you're confident enough, build it yourself. Be sure the box states that all of the required tools are included. Otherwise, you may not have what you need at home or at the office. Once your cart is assembled, get ready to organize your hanging files so they are helpful to you.

A lot of rolling hanging file carts don't come with the frame that holds the hanging files in place. Those can normally be purchased separately in the same area of the store. Hanging files with tabs can usually also be found nearby. They come in legal or letter-sized, so get the ones that fit your needs. Make the tabs for your files custom to your job! Load up your new hanging file cart and be amazed with how much easier work becomes.        

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Good Drawing Table Can Make All the Difference

A drawing table may be the difference between liking your work and being uncomfortable in trying to produce a product that you would normally enjoy. So, your environment has a lot to do with enjoying your talents. The best thing to do is to find out what is available in an office supply store, which can be do

Whether it be a tabletop that can be adjusted up and down or one that has a surface that can tilt forward, one discovers the flexibility that a good drawing table can provide. There may be wood tables that blend with the furniture, however a metal surface is a stable and smooth surface for drafting or design. If you want to lay out your work on a larger surface, use a large drafting folding table that's approximately 36 by 80 inches. It has a comfortable height to allow an artist, engineer, or architect to lay out several designs.

Finding a table that adjusts up and down and has a smooth flat surface is the best for an artist. Using a wood surface can alter a painting because there are small holes in the wood and trying to blend in the depths of the color with the blotch that was made because of an imperfection in the wood surface can be very difficult. This type of table has a frame at the bottom so when it is tilted at an angle the drawing utensil does not roll off on the floor. This can be very frustrating if you have the wrong type of table.

Engineers and architects use metal surfaces because they are smooth and their drawings need to be accurate within a fraction of a centimeter. They work on precise drawings for buildings, motors, and other project designs, so it's imperative that every part fits together perfectly. One mistake can destroy the whole project.

Modern styles and features are here for a reason. For example, the wider split tabletop surface is good for computers. An easy access adds to the specific requirements one may need depending on the type of work they do. A split top drafting table can be a very convenient way to keep drafting supplies and tools handy without disrupting the work space. Most of them still allow angle adjustments to raise or lower the drafting portion of the table with ease for drafting in an adjustable height and width from 30 inches to 84 inches. Keep in mind that the surface of the drawing table is paramount. The most advanced adjustable ones are made of steel, but one of wood has its own traditional style appeal.

ne online to find out the kind of table that would be conducive to you. For example, you may want a small table such as 30" by 36" for small drawings or for homework if you are a student. Even these tables should have a storage area for pens, pencils, paper, and even a laptop. This is possible because some have a shelf under the surface to slide a computer underneath.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Prismacolor Markers - Just the Best

Having a thoroughly stocked contingent of supplies is necessary for any art enthusiast, be they a professional or just a novice enthusiast. This includes having on hand top of the line markers, which can be used in a pinch to solve any number of crafting problems. The Prismacolor line of markers is an excellent brand to rely on as it delivers top-notch results that look far and beyond what you remember from grade school markers. These markers have plenty to recommend them and come in all manner of rich, vibrant colors.


One of the best advantages of using the Prismacolor brand is its high level of professionalism, which can be seen in all ranges of its products, from the actual markers to accessories like marker cases. These products are not child's play, but instead meant to give a high quality finish that the professionals love to use to complete their projects. But novices can take advantage of these markers as well, to get vibrant colors and smooth finishes, qualities that set the Prismacolor brand apart from other, similar competitors.

Project Uses

When sitting down to complete any sort of art or craft project, Prismacolor is the brand to consider. These markers are double-ended, with a broad nib and a fine nib, with a single ink reservoir for perfect color match. The markers can be used to make custom paper crafts, to stencil, or to do script on a personalized project. Any time one might use a basic brand of marker, the Prismacolor marker can be substituted to give a cleaner, more professional look. The markers are easy to use and easy to clean up, with perfect results. They are also easy to find and purchase at most local art stores or online.

Prismacolor Marker Case

Once you have the ultimate in markers, you are going to need somewhere to store them. You do not want to let these quality makers just roll around without protection, and a Prismacolor marker case is the perfect solution to fix this problem. This sort of marker case will keep all of your markers organized and in one place, so none of the markers get lost or damaged. It is the ideal way to have all of your colors close at hand, so nothing gets misplaced, and you can see at once all of the shades you have to choose from.  Fortunately, if you buy these professional grade markers in a set of 24 instead of individually, Prismacolor provides a very nifty flip-up hard shell case that when opened, holds your makers upright and ready to be chosen.  The set of 48 comes with a slim metal carrying case that would easily slip into a backpack, briefcase or even a purse.

A Perfect Gift

With the holiday season fast approaching, consider one of these fine marker sets as the perfect gift for your favorite crafter or artist. There isn't one who hasn't lusted over these sets of markers when cruising the aisles in their favorite art or craft supply store.  You might think to yourself, "Oh, they're just a set of markers", but they're not just any set - they're the ultimate of their kind.  Trust us on this.

Choosing a line of markers to rely on can sometimes feel like a hassle, as you do not want to pick up one brand only to discover the markers deliver a sub par result. Relying on Prismacolor removes this problem, as the line of markers and accessories consistently delivers a professional look with excellent results. Prismacolor is easy to purchase and even easier to use, bringing a smile to the face of anyone who picks one of these markers up to use on a project.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Blueprint Cabinets

Blueprints are important documents that should be protected. They are normally used as the basis for producing valuable properties. If they are not properly protected, they could become damaged or compromised. That could be an expensive mistake. One way to protect them is to put them into blueprint cabinets. Those cabinets can protect the integrity of the blueprints until they are no longer needed. There are many types of cabinets which can be used to protect your blueprints. The size and shape of the blueprint dictates which would be the best cabinets to use.

Cabinets for storing blueprints come in many different styles. Some are upright while others are drawer style. Some people use accordion style cases to protect their blueprints. Other use wall racks or standing racks. No matter what type you cabinet you choose, it is essential they provide protection from the elements, accidental spills, pets, children and even nosy family members and friends for your valuable, confidential documents. Some people also have to protect their blueprints from competitors.

Where, when and how the documents will also play a role in the decision on type of cabinet to use. Oftentimes blueprints have to be taken to job sites, so choosing a portable protective case or cabinet might be necessary. Blueprints are sometimes used as reference drawings, shop drawings or assembly drawings for commercial enterprises. Some of the blueprints need to be stored flat. Others need roll files. No matter what type of configuration your blueprint needs there are a number of companies that can provide secure cabinets for it.

Used blueprint cabinets are another viable option people can use to store they blueprints. A number of companies offer used cabinets for storing blueprints in a variety of shapes, sizes and price ranges. Many of these used cabinets are made from heavy duty metal and have draws which roll on rollers and are part of a steel support rack. Many of the used cabinet drawers have two handles on each drawer for easier handling. Often the cabinets can be stacked up to three high. Some of the cabinets have reinforced draws and features which prevent draws from opening accidentally and can hold several blueprints.

The cabinets for storing blueprints can be made from a range of materials. There are cabinets made of metal, plastic, wood and a number of composite materials. Do you need a unique storage cabinet for your blueprints? There are a number of companies which can fabricate them for you. A unique custom-made storage cabinet can help if your blueprints are particularly sensitive, you need to keep them for a long time or they have to be moved around a great deal. If the blueprints are to be stored in a busy office, home or job site, spending a little more to make sure they are properly protected is a worthwhile investment.

Don't let your important blueprints become damaged or compromised. Find a company which offers a range of blueprint cabinets from which you can choose.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Leather Presentation Portfolios

In the world of business, presentation is very important, and not necessary limited to how well an idea is executed, but how well a person presents themselves while making the pitch.

Everyone knows that it is important to have the right suit but what about the right accessories? Even in the days of laptops and mobile devices, leather presentation portfolios still have their place in the board room. Not only do they help to keep your papers organized but they are something that will be noticed by all present in the room. Good leather presentation portfolios will make an impression that will last long after the presentation is finished.

Not only does leather look good but it is practical as well. It is a material that can withstand an action packed work day. It is one of those materials that actually look better with age and use. In the age where paper documents are usually shoved into the computer bag or messenger bag that are so trendy right now, it only makes sense to protect your hard work. Leather portfolios are a way to keep your project from getting torn and

Imagine that you going into the board room and it is time for the presentation. The first presenter starts pulling out piles of wrinkled and folded paper. As the presenter tries to get organized, everything falls to the floor. After the presenter gets organized, the presentation begins and it is a stellar presentation. The next presenter pulls out their leather portfolio and within it is a neat and organized stack of papers and begins his presentation. Their presentation is a great presentation as well, but maybe not as stellar as the first one. However the board decided to go with the second person. Why? The second person was organized and gave the lasting impression that they cared about what they were presented. Not only was their presentation good but they looked good too. In business, looks are not everything, but they are an indication of the manner in which a person regards themselves and their work .

Everyone remembers to bring some sort of electric device to a meeting. They are the way of the world. However the small detail of a leather portfolio is an added detail that will not be overlooked. It is a way of showing off to a client or an employer without hitting them over the head. It is a way of showing that the job is important and that all means to protect it have been taken.

dog-eared, and highlights the fact that not only are you organized, but that you do it with class.