Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Make Work Easier

A rolling hanging file cart can make work so much easier when your job requires you to tote around bulky, back breaking files. This type of cart is not recommended if you have to travel to multiple locations for work, but one definitely comes in handy if you stay in one place.

As a legal assistant at a county courthouse, I can't imagine work without a rolling hanging file cart. Each morning, around 100 files are pulled for the morning's cases. After lunch, the same number of files are pulled for the afternoon. Before we had a hanging file cart we stacked the files on a flat cart, in alphabetical order. If Mark Smith was in line after Mary Anderson, a lot of stack shifting ensued. A rolling cart that allowed the files to be hanged and organized eliminated this aggravation. Files can be placed between the alphabetically-tabbed hanging files. No matter who is in line, their file is seconds away. If you are planning on purchasing your cart, it is important to get one sturdy enough to meet your needs.

Make sure your cart has a metal frame, preferably steel. This will help keep the cart frame from bending, once it is carrying heavy files and paper. Be sure the wheels are thick, on 4 swivel casters and are attached properly and tightened. It is also handy to buy a cart that has at least 2 locking wheels, to ensure it doesn't roll away from you. A shelf along the bottom for additional storage usually comes in handy too. Most rolling file carts don't come assembled. So, either have it assembled at the store, or if you're confident enough, build it yourself. Be sure the box states that all of the required tools are included. Otherwise, you may not have what you need at home or at the office. Once your cart is assembled, get ready to organize your hanging files so they are helpful to you.

A lot of rolling hanging file carts don't come with the frame that holds the hanging files in place. Those can normally be purchased separately in the same area of the store. Hanging files with tabs can usually also be found nearby. They come in legal or letter-sized, so get the ones that fit your needs. Make the tabs for your files custom to your job! Load up your new hanging file cart and be amazed with how much easier work becomes.        


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