Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Adjustable Ruler

The adjustable ruler is a an essential tool for the tenacious student, experienced architect, or the professional engineer. The Acu-Arc adjustable ruler is the most popular and is  multi-functional. Fortunately, with this tool, it is no longer an obligation to use only the expensive pre-packaged curve sets or beam compasses. These items limit you to the sizes that come with it. With the ingenious adjustable ruler design, and it's easily adjustable functions, consumers have limitless capabilities. You can choose to measure in either inches or centimeters. The versatility is phenomenal, and the best part, its affordable price tag!

One purpose of the adjustable ruler is to assist an individual in determining the radius of an  existing curve for dimension drawings. The ruler can be purchased in inches or centimeters, depending on your need. The tool is able to be adjusted to any radius between 6 3/8 inches and 200 inches. The metric equivalent is 17cm to 500cm. An individual can also use the Acu-Arc to find the center lines and center points of an item or drawing. With drawings, it determines what the curve must be to fair in existing points, or lines, on a drawing.

There are multiple variations available for this kind of ruler. These include, but are not limited to:

-Adjustable Square Ruler
-Adjustable Quilt Ruler
-Adjustable Circle Ruler
-Adjustable Triangular Ruler
-Adjustable Hook Ruler
-Adjustable Straight Ruler

These different variations can be used to assist the craft of architects, engineers, and novices alike.  The most commonly used are the adjustable straight and circle ruler. These two are easily flexible with the regular drawings that are mainly created and help with drawing clear circle or straight lines. The purpose of the adjustable square ruler is to mark 90 degree angles or mark even lines. The hook ruler is perfect for using when measuring off the edge or end of a table or flat surface. Individuals can get precise and exact measurements every time. The difference between the ruler that is adjustable and a plain ruler is the capability to use it for multiple projects that may call for different sizing. Allowing the individual to go from smaller to bigger sizes can be really beneficial.

So, whether it is used by the architect who's creating a new building, or the engineers blueprint for a new machine, these rulers are essential tools for success. The need to by multiple rulers with different sizes will no longer be necessary. Multiple sizes will be readily available when purchasing rulers with adjustability. These items can be found easily online or in art stores and vary in price depending on the size, material it is made of, and variation.  No matter the use, these tools are game changers for those who use them.


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