Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Rapidograph Technical Pens

Those that work in a job that require very specific and exact details know the value of technical pens. Those who have done pen and ink work know the value of having a high quality drawing tool. Typical pens have uneven ink distribution. Ballpoint pens require a certain amount of pressure that makes shading look uneven. Felt tip pens have a tendency to wear out and break under pressure, particularly after prolonged use. Rapidograph technical pens are the highest quality pens that you can purchase. Keep in mind that Rapidograph technical pens themselves can also vary in quality. These pens produce consistent lines that are high in detail and made for adding shading, texture and other elements to technical drawings.

The smallest details can be shaded in with relative ease with these pens. They're best used for careful illustrations, artwork and technical images. Technical pens are great for architects who need to plot exact measurements on graphs. Those who have used Rapidograph pens know that the quality in comparison to other pens is unmatched. These pens move extremely smoothly in all directions. An artist can hold the pen straight down and draw perfect lines in all directions without any snagging into the paper's surface.

The range of quality with these pens has to be witnessed to believe. Photo realistic quality drawings can pour from the page with only a small amount of effort on the artist's part. Shading methods such as cross hatching feel incredibly fluid and simple with these pens in hand. Drawings of leaves, trees and animals are enhanced by the careful and delicate lines that these pens are capable of drawing. Another great thing about these pens is that they're adjustable. They can be adjusted to 13 different sizes. The smallest creates spider thin, almost hair like lines. The most thick have an almost marker like quality. No matter the size, they draw in all directions on a flat service with complete fluidity. These pens work well on almost every surface they're used on. More coarse materials such as cardboard can be drawn on in the same manner as sheet paper. The replaceable cartridges let the owner of the pen swap out various different colors based on what's needed for the project. These technical pens come in sets that include multiple sizes and colors. They can also be sold individually based on need. The most popular pen size is .30, and the most popular starting color is black.

These technical pens make great gifts for artists, engineers and architects. Anyone in a technical job that requires specific measurements or absolute detail can benefit from owning Rapidograph technical pens. The value of these pens is also unmatched. The refillable ink cartridges in high quality technical pens ensure that your pen will last for years on end without need for replacement. Rapidograph pens are the industry standard for technical drawing pens. It's probably because of their unbeatable value, durability and quality. They're also the only technical pens on Earth that are manufactured in the United States.


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