Friday, November 8, 2013

Scaled to Size!

Have a drawing that's too big or not big enough? Than get a pantograph drawing tool to create the size needed! They are so easy to use that a child could create beautiful drawings. It is designed to make perfect copies of drawings. There are endless hours of fun to be had when drawing with a pantograph.

Pantographs have been around for ages, since the 1600's and are used to scale up, down or copy a drawing. The components that make up a pantograph are:

  • Inserts that hold the lead
  • Nylon ratio thumb screws; that help the pantograph move smoothly
  • Nylon tracer point; used to trace the drawing
  • Pantographs come with a table anchor and clamps.
What a Pantograph Can Be Used to Create

To enlarge or minimize any drawing; examples are a hand drawing, an image from a magazine, a printed image, a design or logo. People can also use a printed photo but it's recommended that the photo be a copy of a photo and not the original. Then, with the copied photo, one could trace the image and have a drawing version of it.

How to Use a Pantograph Drawing Tool

Let's say an aspiring artist sees a cool drawing or image from a magazine that is really small. The goal is to make this image bigger. So they pull out their pantograph and figure to use it to increase the size of the image.
  • Place down the size of paper needed to enlarge image
  • Secure the clamp to the table
  • Place the pantograph onto the clamp; This ensures that the pantograph is secure and helps keep to the artist’s hands more steady
  • Place the lead and the thumbscrew in the proper measurements to enlarge the image.
  • Then tape down the papers
  • Begin to trace everything you want to see in the new copy of the image.
It's not difficult;  just make sure the hand is slow and steady, especially if this is the first time attempting to use this tool.

Not All Pantographs Are Created Equal

Before hunting for a pantograph drawing tool, everyone needs to know not all pantographs are good quality. There are some plastic ones and they don't deliver good quality. They tend to be more flimsy and can create a poor image. Wood and metal ones are better and more expensive than the plastics, but well worth it if it's a clean, crisp and accurate image that is desired.

A pantograph can be great for artist, inspiring artist, children learning to draw and scrapbook makers. Virtually anyone can find enjoyment out of using a pantograph. So find one and start using it today! The more it's used, the better the outcome and the easier it is to use.       


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