Sunday, December 22, 2013

Scale Master II

The Scale Master II—also known as the Scalemaster II—is a multi-scale digital plan measure from Nevada-based measuring tools manufacturer Calculated Industries, Inc. The device is specifically designed for simplifying take-offs from architectural and engineering drawings.

With the Scale Master, you can automatically find linear measurements of any shape or rectangular areas and volumes. You can also convert between scales and dimensions. The device comes with 91 built-in scales for accommodating any application, as well as eight “custom” ones that you can use for plans and prints that have been enlarged, reduced, unscaled or faxed.

For its display, the measuring device has an LCD screen with a seven-digit capacity, zero suppression, commas, and annunciators. The screen has a resolution of 0.025 inches, with an accuracy of 99.75 percent. For power, the Scale Master runs on two 3-volt CR-2430 lithium batteries, which deliver around 400 hours of life.

The Scale Master features quite a number of keys. An On/Off Switch ([On/Off]) enables you to switch off the unit without clearing your scales or modes, which are stored in its built-in accumulating memory. A lock switch ([Lock]) prevents the inadvertent change of scales and modes. The Subtract key ([Sub]) is the most versatile: It toggles the measuring mode between positive and negative direction, and you can press it with [Count], [+K] or [M+] for subtracting the appropriate value.

Weighing 1.6 ounces, the Scale Master II measures 7.2 inches in length, 1.6 inches in width, and 0.6 inches in depth. It is packaged with a software CD and user/instruction manual for installation on a computer, case for protecting the unit, and a USB charger for charging the device's battery. Also included is a 25-pin cable for connection to the computer; the connector is also compatible with 9-pin ports. With ability to connect to a PC, you can transfer measurements and values directly from the unit into the computer’s estimating or spreadsheet programs. The Scale Master is compatible with Windows 3.0, Windows 98, Windows XP, and later editions of the Microsoft operating system.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Presentation Cases Prestige Studio

Presentation cases from Prestige Studio are the best option for any businessperson who wants to make a good impression with new clients, in the boardroom, or in homes while doing direct sales. While a presentation case can take on many forms, it does not have to be what everyone else is using. The beauty of shopping with Prestige Studio is that you can get the presentation case that you need and that suits your style.

Presentation cases come in many colors and styles. While there are some presentation items that tend to be long and narrow, others can be short and wide. Instead of forcing your documents into the wrong type of folder, purchase the presentation case that actually fits all of your materials. When you have something that looks good in your briefcase, you will feel much more confident about your presentations throughout the day.

Presentation cases also come in many colors and textures. Business people carry briefcases and bags for work all the time, and a presentation case looks much better when it matches the briefcase that it is being kept in. Instead of having a mismatched pair with you all day, you can carry a matched pair that looks perfect for the presentations that you are giving.

While it might seem small to some salesmen, having matching and beautiful presentation items on you for all of your business meetings and sales presentations is important to those that are making decisions about whether to purchase from you or offer you funding for your impending projects.

People take notice of personal style and accessories, and having presentation cases and accessories that match simply makes you look more professional. The better you look, the better your presentations will look when you're ready to close deals and win the boardroom.

Monday, December 16, 2013

T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate

A T-square is one of the most basic yet essential and useful tools in mechanical and technical drawing, carpentry, art, and drafting. For hundreds of years and from blacksmiths to builders, T-squares have been one of the most common implements hanging from tool belts, at least as well-used as hammers, clamps, and pliers. For today’s professional, student, or home crafter, reasonably priced T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate, are available in assorted sizes.

The T-square is a simple tool consisting of a horizontal bar, known as the blade, to which is attached at a right, or 90-degree angle, a shorter cross bar, called the head. The tool’s name is derived from its shape, which resembles the English letter T.
Although simple in concept, the accuracy of a T-square's right angle is of ultimate importance. if the angle is incorrect, the T-square is useless. Manufacturing must be precise, and the quality of the tool will reflect in the end result.

In drawing, the head of the T-square is placed along the right or left side of a paper, desk, or drawing board, serving as a moving guide to create parallel lines at a right angle in relation to the side. Other tools, such as triangles, protractors, and carpenter squares can be rested on the T-square as a guide in drawing lines and figures. T-squares can be used to set floor tiles at right angles, cut fabric squares for quilting, and design paintings on canvas.

Today’s world has seen expanded use of T-squares into such diverse industries as drywall construction, metallurgy, and fabric, glass and stone cutting. Hence, the modern T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate. These T-squares come in sizes from 12 to 72 inches, with or without rules (inches, metric, picas, points), and transparent or opaque.

No matter what your application might be, a quality T-square is an important tool to have on hand.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learn About Ergonomic Office Chairs and How to Choose One

With more and more of the workforce in an office setting, ergonomics has become a concern for many. Until recently, no one had heard of ergonomic office chairs. Today, there is a large variety of ergonomic chairs that are fully adjustable. Height, seats, armrests, backs and back supports help to prevent problems like back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Because each person has a different set of needs, ergonomic chairs are designed to fit people of all shapes and sizes. These chairs also come in a variety of styles to fit different workstations and to be compatible with the tasks being performed there.

There are a few important ideas to keep in mind when selecting the perfect ergonomic chair. First, there is no one chair that is a good fit for everyone. Body dimensions of the chairs occupant should be taken into account so that all parts of the body fit the chair comfortably. Seat height should be approximately one quarter of the person’s height. Consider the maintenance and repair costs as well. Good retailers will offer chairs with a two-year warranty on the cylinder and three years for parts, although this usually does not include upholstery. Another point to consider is who gets to select the chair. Many offices will have a purchaser order chairs for the entire office. Ideally, the person using the chair should have the opportunity to try a selection and see what works best.

Ergonomic office chairs do not solve every problem common to the office worker. Ergonomic chairs promote good posture but it is important to remember that much of the benefit stems from the sitting habits of each individual. Everyone should learn how to sit properly to maximize the effects of ergonomic chairs. In addition, the ergonomic chair is but one part of the workstation. There are many other aspects of ergonomics to consider, such as lighting, keyboards, footrests and work surfaces.

Work better in a feel better workstation.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Best Drawing Boards for Technical Drafting

A reliable drafting table is the essential element for success in any architectural endeavor. To truly reap the rewards of their endless dutiful efforts, a studious engineering practitioner must invest in a quality working surface. Drafting kits with drawing board & drafting tools for mechanical engineering & architectural design are a vital necessity. Skilled craftsmen should always seek the best equipment to maximize their capacity for accuracy. When it comes to comfortably accommodating late-night sketching projects, this shrewdly constructed table is simply top-of-the-line.

Stunningly, this witty format is a piece of architectural magnificence on its own. It embodies the sheer ingenuity that every astute planner aspires to muster. The surface is pragmatically over-sized to facilitate the formation of large blueprints. Furthermore, the measurements can be personally designated by the buyer to meet their exact purposes. The durably resilient texture allows for a diverse range of utensils to be applied, so mixed media creations are universally enabled.

A slim case makes carrying this table remarkably easy. It acts as an astonishingly portable utility that should always be kept on hand by every architect and engineer. With its clever containment unit, there will never be a reason not to have it within close proximity for whenever inspiration strikes. Mobile precision is guaranteed for every technical project.

The accompanying gear bag contains a plethora of crucial supplies. This kit includes several key tools. T-squares and protractors are packed with every set to engender seamless
co-ordinations, along with triangular curves, and irregular curves. Multiple types of erasers are included for different materials and papers; additionally, an erasing shield effortlessly safeguards finished work during nearby corrections.

Drafting tape is an included staple of every collection to ensure that meticulously planned organizational schemes are not budged or shifted. Sharpeners are also included to instill absolute accuracy. Having a fine tip at all times is an indispensable asset.

Ultimately, these intuitively compact assortments of drawing equipment ensure a well-rounded repertoire for tackling detailed assignments and projects. Every dire accessory is conveniently available in a single set, and sizing is the primary variable.

There's sure to be a set that will bring a smile to any artists face this Christmas! 

Studio Designs Avanta glass top drafting table contemporary drafting desk

You spend long hours at your work, so the basic tools you work with are important. Especially your drafting table. You need comfort, efficiency, and quality construction. You'll find all that and more in Studio Designs Avanta glass top drafting table contemporary drafting desk. It combines beauty and advanced design with the best in traditional function. Use this versatile desk for drafting, drawing, painting or as a craft table in your home or office.

The rugged tempered safety glass in a modern silver/blue hue not only adds a designer touch to your work-space, but it also functions as a light table. No need to leave your desk. And the table top is a generous 42" width by 24" depth, so you have plenty of room for the drafting and light table functions.

You know how important ergonomic design can be, so the Studio Designs Avanta table is made not only to look great, but to help you feel comfortable all through the day. You can easily adjust the height from 29.5" to 38" high, and the drawing angle from 0 to 30 degrees, so that you can work at the height and angle that places less strain on your body and lets you work easier and more efficiently. The entire table size is a generous 42" W x 24" D x 29.5" to 48" H.

Your new Studio Designs Avanta glass top drafting table contemporary drafting desk is constructed to last, with a base of heavy-gauge steel and 4 floor levelers for stability on any floor surface. Plus, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty.

Other convenience features include a 29" W x 13" D x 2" H storage drawer, with the contents always visible at a glance, and a 24" pencil ledge that slides up and locks into place.

Shipping dimensions are 58" L x 26" W x 5" H, and the shipping weight is 58 lbs.

This quality drafting table assembles quickly and easily, so there's no reason to short yourself a beautiful, functional drafting table. 

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ingento Paper Cutters

Ingento Paper Cutters are a guillotine style paper cutter. The elaborate cutting arm design of the Ingento is the reason why it is referred to as a guillotine paper cutter. They are made with bevel-ground high carbon steel blades. Positioned at the side of a sturdy hardwood board, the blades and cutting arm feature an additional a tension spring locking mechanism designed for maximum control and safety. The tension lock serves to keep the blade in place during use to avoid any accidental slips; safety is an important feature with the Ingento brand.

The hardwood boards that make up the main body of the paper cutter are marked with the standard 1/2" grid lines for accurate measurements and to help ensure that the paper isn't cut crookedly. The overall design is both aesthetically appealing and efficient, as the hardwood base is simultaneously attractive and scratch resistant while the blade is of a high quality steel that cuts through and trims paper easily and efficiently.

This particular brand of paper cutter is available in several sizes to best serve a variety of customers and a variety of uses. In standard U.S. inches, these sizes are: 12", 15", 18", 24", 30", and 36".

Models with hardwood bases to provide an even more convenient work area are also available, and they include work tables with guard rails and storage areas. Ingento Paper Cutters are a high quality premier commercial paper cutter and are very good for usage in offices, schools, or at home. As they are both durable and easy to use, these paper cutters will last a long time and are capable of providing years' worth of reliable and easy service for a variety of tasks. The blade is strong enough that it allows users to cut through multiple sheets of paper at once, with a maximum capacity of about fifteen sheets. These are among the finest paper cutters available.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Clear Self Sealing Envelopes

Why Use Clear Self Sealing Envelopes?
If you have several pieces of art, prints, or photographs that you need to store or protect from damage, you may want to look into self sealing envelopes. It is possible to store your pieces without any protective covering, but this leaves them vulnerable to damage and the wear and tear that comes with handling over time. Artworks like oil paintings and pastels are especially vulnerable to this, but so are photographs and even printed works.

Using Clear Self Sealing Envelopes to Protect & Store Artwork
The case for these envelopes is strongest when it comes to works of art. The last thing you want is a priceless piece destroyed by wear and tear or environmental hazards. If you need to store your art for long periods of time, clear and sealed envelopes are the best choice to protect it. When you use a sealed envelope, your art will come back out of storage looking exactly like it did when you first put it away. Sealed envelopes can also help to prevent the damage caused by frequent handling. If you're going to let people touch and handle your art, it's just not worth the risk to leave it unprotected.

Using Sealed Envelopes to Protect Prints & Photographs
You can also use sealed envelopes to protect photos and printed art from damage. Though they are not subject to as many risks as fresh artworks (a photo won't smudge as easily as a pastel drawing, for example) they are still at risk for environmental damage if left in storage for long periods. Constant handling also puts these items at risk of wear, so if you plan to show your photos to other people often, it's a good idea to protect them with a good sealed envelope. Clear self sealing envelopes protect & store artwork, but they are also good for pieces of any medium that you want to protect from damage, wear, or aging.

Remember to protect your important documents too!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape

Among the many pocket-sized metal tape measures on the market is the handy W393 model from Lufkin. Unlike most other lightweight tape measures, the Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape is the perfect size for those needing quick, accurate measurements without having to search through a cluttered toolbox.

Product Specifications
The W393 is a round unit with smooth, curved edges. This makes for easy storage in a pocket or tool belt. The graduated architects scale measurements are in 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch increments and are in true jet black. The markings are set against a bright yellow tape, making for easy reading even in dimly lit rooms.

The 1/4-inch wide, 5-foot long tape has a very simple, automatic spring/snap-back return system that is smooth-acting without causing the tape to whip about. The container is a mere 2" in diameter and the unit weighs only 2.6 ounces. The small clasp at the end of the tape can be used as a hook and is constructed as a metal ring.

Perfect for Field Use
A smaller-sized estimator's tape is needed for quick use when inspecting properties as well as sample materials. These tapes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear because they are used constantly by site developers, interior design architects, and remodeling contractors. Many competing models are made of thinner, flimsier metal that often becomes crimped.

The W393 model from Lufkin is constructed with a superior-strength housing that makes it virtually damage-proof if dropped. The tape does not snarl, nor does the spring-loaded return system cause the tape to coil at too fast a rate. The measurements are in a clear, easily read font that stands out well against the yellow-clad metal.

This model is also popular with cabinetry installers, contractors assigned with the job of measuring distances for cutting sheetrock, and mechanical engineers who look at existing products and calculate distances for the purpose of making alterations. Because of its small size and easy-to-grasp shape, the Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape is invaluable for those who need a graduating scale measuring tool. Priced affordably, this model is nonetheless superior to most other pocket-sized estimator's tapes. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Hobby & Craft Table CraftMaster II Cherry Top 28 X 40 Black Base by Alvin

The Hobby & Craft Table, known as the CraftMaster II, has a Cherry Top and is 28” deep and 40” wide. It has a black base and is manufactured by Alvin. It is a beautifully attractive and functional piece that is perfect for any home crafter or artist. A cherry-finished wood grain top of melamine is secured to a base of metal painted black. The table is adjustable for angle and height. For a myriad of uses, the Hobby & Craft Table provides a practical work space.

Features of this Alvin Table

Designed especially for art and craft activities, the table has numerous features that make it ideal for spreading out tasks and letting your imagination take over. For a convenient place for drawing, painting, gluing and other tasks, this table will tilt at an angle from zero to 30 degrees. For height, the table can rise from 26 to 30 inches. This table accommodates the user and the work at hand!

Under the table on the right and left are two units of four small drawers for storing art and craft supplies. Above the drawers and extending out on either side from the tabletop are handy instrument trays for pencils, clips and other items. The metal base is of a tubular steel construction. It has foot gliders that make the entire table easy to move across any floor surface and has locking casters to make the table sit still once postioned. A footrest crossbar helps to sturdy the base.

The Perfect Place to Create

Having a well thought out and adaptable work space leaves the creative mind open to be creative stress free. Close detail work for sewing, jewelry or any number of crafts require a good tabletop space at the right height and angle, and this Alvin Hobby & Craft Table provides the necessary adjustable elements. Meanwhile, the tabletop surface offers the ultimate space for spreading out numerous types of projects. Regardless of its use, you’re creativity can soar here.