Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape

Among the many pocket-sized metal tape measures on the market is the handy W393 model from Lufkin. Unlike most other lightweight tape measures, the Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape is the perfect size for those needing quick, accurate measurements without having to search through a cluttered toolbox.

Product Specifications
The W393 is a round unit with smooth, curved edges. This makes for easy storage in a pocket or tool belt. The graduated architects scale measurements are in 1/8-inch and 1/4-inch increments and are in true jet black. The markings are set against a bright yellow tape, making for easy reading even in dimly lit rooms.

The 1/4-inch wide, 5-foot long tape has a very simple, automatic spring/snap-back return system that is smooth-acting without causing the tape to whip about. The container is a mere 2" in diameter and the unit weighs only 2.6 ounces. The small clasp at the end of the tape can be used as a hook and is constructed as a metal ring.

Perfect for Field Use
A smaller-sized estimator's tape is needed for quick use when inspecting properties as well as sample materials. These tapes are subjected to a lot of wear and tear because they are used constantly by site developers, interior design architects, and remodeling contractors. Many competing models are made of thinner, flimsier metal that often becomes crimped.

The W393 model from Lufkin is constructed with a superior-strength housing that makes it virtually damage-proof if dropped. The tape does not snarl, nor does the spring-loaded return system cause the tape to coil at too fast a rate. The measurements are in a clear, easily read font that stands out well against the yellow-clad metal.

This model is also popular with cabinetry installers, contractors assigned with the job of measuring distances for cutting sheetrock, and mechanical engineers who look at existing products and calculate distances for the purpose of making alterations. Because of its small size and easy-to-grasp shape, the Architects Tape 5' Lufkin Ideal Estimator's Pocket Tape is invaluable for those who need a graduating scale measuring tool. Priced affordably, this model is nonetheless superior to most other pocket-sized estimator's tapes. 


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