Friday, December 6, 2013

Clear Self Sealing Envelopes

Why Use Clear Self Sealing Envelopes?
If you have several pieces of art, prints, or photographs that you need to store or protect from damage, you may want to look into self sealing envelopes. It is possible to store your pieces without any protective covering, but this leaves them vulnerable to damage and the wear and tear that comes with handling over time. Artworks like oil paintings and pastels are especially vulnerable to this, but so are photographs and even printed works.

Using Clear Self Sealing Envelopes to Protect & Store Artwork
The case for these envelopes is strongest when it comes to works of art. The last thing you want is a priceless piece destroyed by wear and tear or environmental hazards. If you need to store your art for long periods of time, clear and sealed envelopes are the best choice to protect it. When you use a sealed envelope, your art will come back out of storage looking exactly like it did when you first put it away. Sealed envelopes can also help to prevent the damage caused by frequent handling. If you're going to let people touch and handle your art, it's just not worth the risk to leave it unprotected.

Using Sealed Envelopes to Protect Prints & Photographs
You can also use sealed envelopes to protect photos and printed art from damage. Though they are not subject to as many risks as fresh artworks (a photo won't smudge as easily as a pastel drawing, for example) they are still at risk for environmental damage if left in storage for long periods. Constant handling also puts these items at risk of wear, so if you plan to show your photos to other people often, it's a good idea to protect them with a good sealed envelope. Clear self sealing envelopes protect & store artwork, but they are also good for pieces of any medium that you want to protect from damage, wear, or aging.

Remember to protect your important documents too!


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