Monday, December 2, 2013

Hobby & Craft Table CraftMaster II Cherry Top 28 X 40 Black Base by Alvin

The Hobby & Craft Table, known as the CraftMaster II, has a Cherry Top and is 28” deep and 40” wide. It has a black base and is manufactured by Alvin. It is a beautifully attractive and functional piece that is perfect for any home crafter or artist. A cherry-finished wood grain top of melamine is secured to a base of metal painted black. The table is adjustable for angle and height. For a myriad of uses, the Hobby & Craft Table provides a practical work space.

Features of this Alvin Table

Designed especially for art and craft activities, the table has numerous features that make it ideal for spreading out tasks and letting your imagination take over. For a convenient place for drawing, painting, gluing and other tasks, this table will tilt at an angle from zero to 30 degrees. For height, the table can rise from 26 to 30 inches. This table accommodates the user and the work at hand!

Under the table on the right and left are two units of four small drawers for storing art and craft supplies. Above the drawers and extending out on either side from the tabletop are handy instrument trays for pencils, clips and other items. The metal base is of a tubular steel construction. It has foot gliders that make the entire table easy to move across any floor surface and has locking casters to make the table sit still once postioned. A footrest crossbar helps to sturdy the base.

The Perfect Place to Create

Having a well thought out and adaptable work space leaves the creative mind open to be creative stress free. Close detail work for sewing, jewelry or any number of crafts require a good tabletop space at the right height and angle, and this Alvin Hobby & Craft Table provides the necessary adjustable elements. Meanwhile, the tabletop surface offers the ultimate space for spreading out numerous types of projects. Regardless of its use, you’re creativity can soar here.


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