Thursday, December 12, 2013

Learn About Ergonomic Office Chairs and How to Choose One

With more and more of the workforce in an office setting, ergonomics has become a concern for many. Until recently, no one had heard of ergonomic office chairs. Today, there is a large variety of ergonomic chairs that are fully adjustable. Height, seats, armrests, backs and back supports help to prevent problems like back pain and repetitive stress injuries. Because each person has a different set of needs, ergonomic chairs are designed to fit people of all shapes and sizes. These chairs also come in a variety of styles to fit different workstations and to be compatible with the tasks being performed there.

There are a few important ideas to keep in mind when selecting the perfect ergonomic chair. First, there is no one chair that is a good fit for everyone. Body dimensions of the chairs occupant should be taken into account so that all parts of the body fit the chair comfortably. Seat height should be approximately one quarter of the person’s height. Consider the maintenance and repair costs as well. Good retailers will offer chairs with a two-year warranty on the cylinder and three years for parts, although this usually does not include upholstery. Another point to consider is who gets to select the chair. Many offices will have a purchaser order chairs for the entire office. Ideally, the person using the chair should have the opportunity to try a selection and see what works best.

Ergonomic office chairs do not solve every problem common to the office worker. Ergonomic chairs promote good posture but it is important to remember that much of the benefit stems from the sitting habits of each individual. Everyone should learn how to sit properly to maximize the effects of ergonomic chairs. In addition, the ergonomic chair is but one part of the workstation. There are many other aspects of ergonomics to consider, such as lighting, keyboards, footrests and work surfaces.

Work better in a feel better workstation.


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