Monday, December 16, 2013

T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate

A T-square is one of the most basic yet essential and useful tools in mechanical and technical drawing, carpentry, art, and drafting. For hundreds of years and from blacksmiths to builders, T-squares have been one of the most common implements hanging from tool belts, at least as well-used as hammers, clamps, and pliers. For today’s professional, student, or home crafter, reasonably priced T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate, are available in assorted sizes.

The T-square is a simple tool consisting of a horizontal bar, known as the blade, to which is attached at a right, or 90-degree angle, a shorter cross bar, called the head. The tool’s name is derived from its shape, which resembles the English letter T.
Although simple in concept, the accuracy of a T-square's right angle is of ultimate importance. if the angle is incorrect, the T-square is useless. Manufacturing must be precise, and the quality of the tool will reflect in the end result.

In drawing, the head of the T-square is placed along the right or left side of a paper, desk, or drawing board, serving as a moving guide to create parallel lines at a right angle in relation to the side. Other tools, such as triangles, protractors, and carpenter squares can be rested on the T-square as a guide in drawing lines and figures. T-squares can be used to set floor tiles at right angles, cut fabric squares for quilting, and design paintings on canvas.

Today’s world has seen expanded use of T-squares into such diverse industries as drywall construction, metallurgy, and fabric, glass and stone cutting. Hence, the modern T-squares aluminum, plastic, steel, & wood T-squares by Alvin & Fairgate. These T-squares come in sizes from 12 to 72 inches, with or without rules (inches, metric, picas, points), and transparent or opaque.

No matter what your application might be, a quality T-square is an important tool to have on hand.  


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