Thursday, January 23, 2014

Document protectors protect photos, prints, maps, drawings, blueprints with clear vinyl document protectors

Document protectors protect photos as well as other important fragile documents such as artists' drawings, maps, prints and more. Architects and builders appreciate clear vinyl document protectors so that they do not have to worry about damage to blueprints and other crucial information. Medical and dental offices, banks, post offices and other businesses allow numerous visitors to read the information contained while it remains clean and does not get smudged, worn, torn, crumpled, folded or cut.

U.S. English calls this slitted flat plastic bag with a perforated edge, used to hold paper documents, a sheet protector while U.K. English will call this a punched pocket. Other names are a perforated document bag or a polypocket.

Regardless of the name used, they are usually semi-transparent or transparent, with the main purpose of being able to view a document without having to remove it. The zip top closure is waterproof and protects documents from the elements, beverage or other stains, food and fingerprints, and helps prevent the paper from being soiled or accidentally removed. There are several holes in the left edge, which allow the protectors to be bound into a three-ring binder or a file without making holes in the document itself.

The material most commonly used in a document protector is clear vinyl. However, there are some made of polypropylene, polyethylene, cellophane or other plastics. The protectors come in several sizes and can only contain a small number of sheets of paper. Usually there is only one sheet per pocket, but you can also put in two sheets back to back so that both can be viewed by simply turning the protector over.

It is easy to make notations on the cover of the document protector with a water based felt pen or a grease pencil, and that can be wiped clean with soap and water or a dry soft cloth. If you care about your photos and documents, be sure to use a document protector!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop

The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop is a sharpener that features a compact build that is excellent for crowded office desks. This electric pencil sharpener has an automatic sensor that terminates the device’s sharpening power once the pencil has the sharpest possible point.

The electric pencil sharpener accomplishes this by using Westcott’s Titanium technology, which was integrated into the machine to keep the sharpening blades sharp for a longer period of time. Additionally, the iPoint Auto Stop has a clear-colored reservoir that collects the pencil's shavings in an efficient and clean manner. When the reservoir is full, simply twist the container away from the iPoint, dump the contents in the waste basket, and put the reservoir back into place.

The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop has a silver body with black accents,so it looks sharp and clean. The dimensions of the device are 4.2 inches by 6.5 inches, and are 7 inches tall. The electric pencil sharpener weighs 1.8 pounds.

Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Like manual pencil sharpeners, electric pencil sharpeners use a cylindrical pencil cutter that is rotated by hand,electricity, or battery power. Electric pencil sharpeners that are powered by battery offer more portability than electric options, but the plug-in sharpeners, like the iPoint, are larger, more robust, and have more space for shavings.

In recent years, electric pencil sharpeners have become incredibly popular in classrooms, home offices, and corporate environments because of their ease of use and the reliable consistency with which they deliver the desired result.

Other Types of Pencil Sharpeners

There are several other different types of specialized pencil sharpeners. The razor knife, for example, is used by artists to sharpen writing utensils by hand. The artist cuts the writing end of a pencil into a triangular shape, and then trims down the pencil with six different cuts. For most people, though, this method of cutting pencils is too slow and is an unnecessary inconvenience for daily use.

Prism sharpeners, on the other hand, are mechanical pencil sharpeners that are powered by hand. Prism-style sharpeners feature a sharp blade and a pencil cone, which is where the sharpener is. This sharpener is distinguished by its grooved and contoured design.

One thing is for sure. The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop is a superior electric sharpener that provides a sharp reliable point suitable for any application. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drafting Instrument Set Combination Universal Speed Bow Compass Kit

Drafting is no task for amateurs. When it comes to creating perfect circles and other hard to replicate geometrical shapes, you need to feel secure that you are working with the world's finest and most up to date technical instruments.

With that in mind, it should be noted that the Drafting Instrument Combination Universal Speed Bow Compass Kit is one of the finest, most reliable, and durable drafting kits to appear on the international market place in quite some time. The kit has been specially designed to meet the highest standards.

If you're looking for an excellent new compass that combines all the required components that you expect in such a device, plus a few new features that bring this instrument solidly into the 21st century, then you're going to be more than satisfied with the brand new Drafting Instrument Set Combination Universal Speed Bow Compass Kit.

This amazing new device ably and conveniently combines all of the drawing tools a draftsman requires to create circles ranging in diameter from 1/8" all the way up to a full sized 21". Either pen or pencil can be used in the course of creating shapes with this revolutionary new device.

The present set has been created by combining and streamlining the basic features of two previously designed Combination Speed Bow Compasses. However, the new Drafting Instrument Set contains a wealth of new, up to date, components. These new ingredients include a 6" pencil compass and divider, which comes complete with a center wheel that incorporates a double break leg design. With this handy new two-in-one feature, the user may create perfect circles.

The set also includes such elements as a technical drafting pen adapter, and a 0.5 mm fine lined pencil. This excellent new Drafting Kit also comes complete with a 6" adjustable divider that incorporates the latest modern design, complete with fully replaceable needle points, and a convenient carrying case to store the entire apparatus when not in use. This is a kit that every professional can make use of.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drafting brushes for keeping drawings surface, paper, desks clean

Professional artists and draftsmen know that a bare hand should never touch the support when working on a piece. Drafting brushes have always been indispensable tools for draftsmen, artists, and crafters alike. Keeping the support and desks clean and free of fingerprints and body oils is essential for presenting a clean, professional, finished piece of work.

When sitting down to work on a piece, it’s important to first use the brush to clear off the work surface. A couple of quick passes with the brush will ensure that nothing left behind on the surface will mar the paper from underneath.

Erasing leaves behind tiny eraser crumbs. To get a nice clean erasure, use a drafting brush to sweep the crumbs away from the support as well as the work surface. Using a hand to brush away the crumbs can smear the work beneath or leave behind fingerprints and body oils that will mar your finished drawing. Blowing the crumbs away rarely removes all of the debris and may well leave body fluids behind that will stain the support, leaving a permanent mark.

If drafting powders, graphite or colored pencil are used, there will be dust left behind that a good drafting brush will pick up and sweep away without leaving a smudge or smear behind.

A brush is also useful for a final sweep of a scrapbook page, taking away pencil marks, tiny bits of paper or anything else loose that may be left behind.

Drafting brushes are for keeping a drawing and the surrounding surfaces clean and free of debris, fingerprints, and body oils. They are available in different sizes to meet varying needs. Full-sized brushes are usually about 15” long and smaller ones are available at about 10”. Larger brushes are perfect for studio use, while the smaller or mini version is perfect for a traveling kit. The bristles are made of sterilized horsehair.

Whether a piece is for a client or for personal use, learning to use a drafting brush on a regular basis will help to ensure that a finished piece looks clean and professional. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Glass top desk suite Futura glass top desk, chair, & taboret by Studio Designs arts & crafts

A craft table or desk is a highly desired piece of furniture that is of importance to artists, architects, designers, engineers, contractors, students or for any type of office or school work as well as arts and crafts. This hobby station offers a tilt angle and an adjustable height option for the comfort of the user and features a futuristic glass top design that is both contemporary and functional.

An innovative glass top desk suite Futura glass top desk & taboret by Studio Designs arts & crafts is the perfect answer to anyone who needs and wants such helpful and contemporary pieces of furniture that will also dress up a studio or office and make stunning additions to the stylish atmosphere as well as proving their usefulness.

A taboret is a small portable desk or cabinet with drawers and/or shelves for storage of art, drafting, drawing, and other supplies. The purpose is to bring organization to a work area. The name is derived from its resemblance to an Old French drum called a tabour.

This Futura craft and hobby desk comes with a chair and a taboret offers a contemporary and ergonomic design, a base constructed of durable heavy gauge steel for durability, and four floor levers to provide stability. The size of the desk or table is 43” wide by 24” deep by 31.5" high and features a tempered blue safety glass top with a 38” x 24” work surface. The top adjusts to a 25 degree convenient drawing and design angle. Included are three plastic side drawers for supplies plus a 9” x 28” desk drawer for storing office or drawing tools.

You can get this unique furniture combination quickly because shipment is within just one or two business days. Look good while being productive too!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Artist Drafting Tables Increase Artist Comfort

Artists need the appropriate types of tables upon which to work. There are tables designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of artists. Artist tables: drafting artist tables tilt like an easel (up to 90 degrees) for drawing or painting. These types of tables provide artists with a horizontal work surface, but they have the ability to tilt and be used in the same manner as an art easel as well. There are four primary types of artists drafting tables.

Wooden Drafting Tables

Wooden drafting tables are strong and serviceable enough to meet artists’ needs. The height of the tables can usually be adjusted, and the drawing board angle can as well. Most of them also feature pencil edges for placing pens, pencils and other drawing utensils. These are ideal for hobbyists and the common craftsman.

Elite Drafting Tables

Elite drafting tables are ideal for professional artists and drafters who need a lot from their drafting tables, but have limited space. These usually feature adjustable compensating springs and can incline and elevate simultaneously. These tables are extremely stable and usually even have friction locking footrests for additional artist comfort.

Ensign Drafting Tables

Ensign drafting tables are not only functional, but they are also designed to enhance the aesthetics of the spaces they’re in. They feature no-stain boards and are easily adjustable via a lever. They are balanced with traction springs and feature a double-pedestal base design, making them extremely stable. These drafting tables can usually be purchased in white, black or eggshell colors.

Vista Drawing Tables

Vista drawing tables are constructed of round tubes can be adjusted to the angles that artists require for optimum working conditions. They can be adjusted to various heights, and their board angles can also be adjusted up to 90 degrees for maximum comfort when working.

Artist drafting tables that feature ergonomic designs are beneficial for artists and drafters alike, regardless of whether they are professionals or simply hobbyists. The advantageous designs of such drafting tables increase artist comfort and posture so that they can work more efficiently. The more comfortable an artist is, the more productive he or she is likely to be. Choose your Artist Drafting Table today and get to work while being comfortable and looking good doing it!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Safco 5060 Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack Holder

Blueprint plan racks provide fast and easy access to active documents in work environments. They provide the same storage as rolled storage on a smaller footprint, holding 1200+ drawings. While flat file cabinets offer more protection and volume of storage, vertical plan racks offer superior mobility that can place plans precisely where they are most needed on a job site or other work environment.

This filing system was expertly designed to conveniently and safely store, organize, and transport plans and blueprints. Made to accommodate large documents, hanging clamps of 24”-42” in length can be used in the plan center,  which also has a height of 51”.  

It is a blueprint plan rack not only built to last with its steel construction, but built for ease and diversity of use. It will hold up to 18 clamps, supporting a wide range of document sizes up to 42”x 50”. The compatible clamps are the Safco standard hanging clamps or the Planhold print-lock hanging clamps, both of which hold up to 20 lbs (100 sheets) and come in packages of six. 

Despite the large capacity of this blueprint rack, it remains easily mobile on four ball bearing swivel casters, two of which lock to hold the vertical rack in place when not in movement. All in all, this blueprint stand is ideally suited to a multitude of environments due to its versatile design. It safely stores and organizes important plans and blueprints, yet maintains ease of access to documents. It has a large storage capacity, yet enables plans to be easily mobile and transported to wherever they are needed.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vellum Paper Rolls Clearprint 1020H 20lbs Vellum for Drawing and Drafting Clearprint 1020

The 1020H, 20-lb. vellum paper rolls from Clearprint continue that brand’s success at offering vellum for drawing and drafting that serious users have come to rely on. The brand’s 1000H vellum earned a reputation for excellence, along with devotees, who consider Clearprint’s vellum to be the best available in the United States. The Clearprint 1020 vellum is a heavier version of the paper, 20 pounds instead of 16, useful for those needing a sturdier work surface.

The vellum possesses the characteristics users have come to expect from Clearprint’s technical art paper. The process produces a transparent and smooth surface without the use of chemicals, Clearprint using 100 percent cotton fiber to make its product. The result is a uniform surface good for pencil and ink. Skipping isn’t an issue, and the marks stand out clearly without feathery edges or spreading. Erasing and the subsequent ghosting also aren’t an issue on this vellum. After redrawing, users can erase and draw again, relying on the paper’s strength.

Besides ably standing up to erasures and redraws, Clearprint’s vellum remains stable, defying the various indignities that time and environment may bring. Clearprint’s 1020H vellum, like its 1000 offering, is of archival quality, so it won’t yellow or become brittle over time. Neither will the paper lose its transparency. Exposure to the atmosphere or to heat and light also will not compromise the brand’s vellum paper rolls, and the product retains its printing qualities under exposure and as it ages.

Clearprint’s 1020, 20-pound vellum paper rolls for drawing and drafting come in a variety of sizes. For instance, the 24-inch rolls come in sizes of 5 yards, 20 yards, and 50 yards, as does the 30-inch and the 36-inch widths. The variety of sizes in roll format makes Clearprint’s 1020 vellum paper convenient for offices depending on the paper for professional projects. When nothing but the best will do, Clearprint's 1020 vellum drafting/drawing paper is unparalleled. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy-Duty Trimmer

In the modern Do-It-Yourself (DIY) age, many home improvement enthusiasts and self-proclaimed hobbyists as well as machinists will find the need for a heavy duty type of trimmer. For major projects on heavy duty material like leather, shim steel and vinyl or small jobs on thin materials tissue paper, photo film, newsprint or card stock, a dependable and durable trimmer is must-have item to say the least.

The Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy-Duty Trimmer is just the tool for the types of jobs and projects mentioned above. The tool is an ideal piece of machinery for cutting a wide range of material formats and performing a full breadth of trimming jobs on printed materials like posters, maps and photographs. The trimmer provides users with a hands free operation with its motor driven cutting head. The heavy duty electric motor is both operated and controlled with the user's foot via a pneumatic switch, leaving both of the user's hands free in order to position the material for an accurate trimming. While a high speed version of the trimmer is available for cutting at a rate of 39 inches per second, the standard motor version offers a sufficient cutting speed of 20 inches per second and is considered more user friendly.

Do-it-yourself types will love the Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy Duty Trimmer. This industrial strength trimmer cuts smoothly regardless of the type of material being trimmed. Additionally, the trimmer includes a self sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel and flat counter blade. With the factory set side rule included, a home improvement do-it-yourselfer can cut and trim while operating the trimmer with ease.

This trimmer is fully backed by a one year warranty along with a five year product guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials. The customer can have confidence in the fact that Rotarim is a company that stands behind its products and the ability of their products to do the job without exception.