Sunday, January 12, 2014

Artist Drafting Tables Increase Artist Comfort

Artists need the appropriate types of tables upon which to work. There are tables designed specifically to accommodate the unique needs of artists. Artist tables: drafting artist tables tilt like an easel (up to 90 degrees) for drawing or painting. These types of tables provide artists with a horizontal work surface, but they have the ability to tilt and be used in the same manner as an art easel as well. There are four primary types of artists drafting tables.

Wooden Drafting Tables

Wooden drafting tables are strong and serviceable enough to meet artists’ needs. The height of the tables can usually be adjusted, and the drawing board angle can as well. Most of them also feature pencil edges for placing pens, pencils and other drawing utensils. These are ideal for hobbyists and the common craftsman.

Elite Drafting Tables

Elite drafting tables are ideal for professional artists and drafters who need a lot from their drafting tables, but have limited space. These usually feature adjustable compensating springs and can incline and elevate simultaneously. These tables are extremely stable and usually even have friction locking footrests for additional artist comfort.

Ensign Drafting Tables

Ensign drafting tables are not only functional, but they are also designed to enhance the aesthetics of the spaces they’re in. They feature no-stain boards and are easily adjustable via a lever. They are balanced with traction springs and feature a double-pedestal base design, making them extremely stable. These drafting tables can usually be purchased in white, black or eggshell colors.

Vista Drawing Tables

Vista drawing tables are constructed of round tubes can be adjusted to the angles that artists require for optimum working conditions. They can be adjusted to various heights, and their board angles can also be adjusted up to 90 degrees for maximum comfort when working.

Artist drafting tables that feature ergonomic designs are beneficial for artists and drafters alike, regardless of whether they are professionals or simply hobbyists. The advantageous designs of such drafting tables increase artist comfort and posture so that they can work more efficiently. The more comfortable an artist is, the more productive he or she is likely to be. Choose your Artist Drafting Table today and get to work while being comfortable and looking good doing it!


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