Thursday, January 16, 2014

Drafting brushes for keeping drawings surface, paper, desks clean

Professional artists and draftsmen know that a bare hand should never touch the support when working on a piece. Drafting brushes have always been indispensable tools for draftsmen, artists, and crafters alike. Keeping the support and desks clean and free of fingerprints and body oils is essential for presenting a clean, professional, finished piece of work.

When sitting down to work on a piece, it’s important to first use the brush to clear off the work surface. A couple of quick passes with the brush will ensure that nothing left behind on the surface will mar the paper from underneath.

Erasing leaves behind tiny eraser crumbs. To get a nice clean erasure, use a drafting brush to sweep the crumbs away from the support as well as the work surface. Using a hand to brush away the crumbs can smear the work beneath or leave behind fingerprints and body oils that will mar your finished drawing. Blowing the crumbs away rarely removes all of the debris and may well leave body fluids behind that will stain the support, leaving a permanent mark.

If drafting powders, graphite or colored pencil are used, there will be dust left behind that a good drafting brush will pick up and sweep away without leaving a smudge or smear behind.

A brush is also useful for a final sweep of a scrapbook page, taking away pencil marks, tiny bits of paper or anything else loose that may be left behind.

Drafting brushes are for keeping a drawing and the surrounding surfaces clean and free of debris, fingerprints, and body oils. They are available in different sizes to meet varying needs. Full-sized brushes are usually about 15” long and smaller ones are available at about 10”. Larger brushes are perfect for studio use, while the smaller or mini version is perfect for a traveling kit. The bristles are made of sterilized horsehair.

Whether a piece is for a client or for personal use, learning to use a drafting brush on a regular basis will help to ensure that a finished piece looks clean and professional. 


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