Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop

The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop is a sharpener that features a compact build that is excellent for crowded office desks. This electric pencil sharpener has an automatic sensor that terminates the device’s sharpening power once the pencil has the sharpest possible point.

The electric pencil sharpener accomplishes this by using Westcott’s Titanium technology, which was integrated into the machine to keep the sharpening blades sharp for a longer period of time. Additionally, the iPoint Auto Stop has a clear-colored reservoir that collects the pencil's shavings in an efficient and clean manner. When the reservoir is full, simply twist the container away from the iPoint, dump the contents in the waste basket, and put the reservoir back into place.

The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop has a silver body with black accents,so it looks sharp and clean. The dimensions of the device are 4.2 inches by 6.5 inches, and are 7 inches tall. The electric pencil sharpener weighs 1.8 pounds.

Electric Pencil Sharpeners

Like manual pencil sharpeners, electric pencil sharpeners use a cylindrical pencil cutter that is rotated by hand,electricity, or battery power. Electric pencil sharpeners that are powered by battery offer more portability than electric options, but the plug-in sharpeners, like the iPoint, are larger, more robust, and have more space for shavings.

In recent years, electric pencil sharpeners have become incredibly popular in classrooms, home offices, and corporate environments because of their ease of use and the reliable consistency with which they deliver the desired result.

Other Types of Pencil Sharpeners

There are several other different types of specialized pencil sharpeners. The razor knife, for example, is used by artists to sharpen writing utensils by hand. The artist cuts the writing end of a pencil into a triangular shape, and then trims down the pencil with six different cuts. For most people, though, this method of cutting pencils is too slow and is an unnecessary inconvenience for daily use.

Prism sharpeners, on the other hand, are mechanical pencil sharpeners that are powered by hand. Prism-style sharpeners feature a sharp blade and a pencil cone, which is where the sharpener is. This sharpener is distinguished by its grooved and contoured design.

One thing is for sure. The Electric Pencil Sharpener iPoint with Auto Stop is a superior electric sharpener that provides a sharp reliable point suitable for any application. 


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