Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy-Duty Trimmer

In the modern Do-It-Yourself (DIY) age, many home improvement enthusiasts and self-proclaimed hobbyists as well as machinists will find the need for a heavy duty type of trimmer. For major projects on heavy duty material like leather, shim steel and vinyl or small jobs on thin materials tissue paper, photo film, newsprint or card stock, a dependable and durable trimmer is must-have item to say the least.

The Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy-Duty Trimmer is just the tool for the types of jobs and projects mentioned above. The tool is an ideal piece of machinery for cutting a wide range of material formats and performing a full breadth of trimming jobs on printed materials like posters, maps and photographs. The trimmer provides users with a hands free operation with its motor driven cutting head. The heavy duty electric motor is both operated and controlled with the user's foot via a pneumatic switch, leaving both of the user's hands free in order to position the material for an accurate trimming. While a high speed version of the trimmer is available for cutting at a rate of 39 inches per second, the standard motor version offers a sufficient cutting speed of 20 inches per second and is considered more user friendly.

Do-it-yourself types will love the Rotatrim Power Technical Series Heavy Duty Trimmer. This industrial strength trimmer cuts smoothly regardless of the type of material being trimmed. Additionally, the trimmer includes a self sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel and flat counter blade. With the factory set side rule included, a home improvement do-it-yourselfer can cut and trim while operating the trimmer with ease.

This trimmer is fully backed by a one year warranty along with a five year product guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials. The customer can have confidence in the fact that Rotarim is a company that stands behind its products and the ability of their products to do the job without exception. 


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