Saturday, January 4, 2014

Vellum Paper Rolls Clearprint 1020H 20lbs Vellum for Drawing and Drafting Clearprint 1020

The 1020H, 20-lb. vellum paper rolls from Clearprint continue that brand’s success at offering vellum for drawing and drafting that serious users have come to rely on. The brand’s 1000H vellum earned a reputation for excellence, along with devotees, who consider Clearprint’s vellum to be the best available in the United States. The Clearprint 1020 vellum is a heavier version of the paper, 20 pounds instead of 16, useful for those needing a sturdier work surface.

The vellum possesses the characteristics users have come to expect from Clearprint’s technical art paper. The process produces a transparent and smooth surface without the use of chemicals, Clearprint using 100 percent cotton fiber to make its product. The result is a uniform surface good for pencil and ink. Skipping isn’t an issue, and the marks stand out clearly without feathery edges or spreading. Erasing and the subsequent ghosting also aren’t an issue on this vellum. After redrawing, users can erase and draw again, relying on the paper’s strength.

Besides ably standing up to erasures and redraws, Clearprint’s vellum remains stable, defying the various indignities that time and environment may bring. Clearprint’s 1020H vellum, like its 1000 offering, is of archival quality, so it won’t yellow or become brittle over time. Neither will the paper lose its transparency. Exposure to the atmosphere or to heat and light also will not compromise the brand’s vellum paper rolls, and the product retains its printing qualities under exposure and as it ages.

Clearprint’s 1020, 20-pound vellum paper rolls for drawing and drafting come in a variety of sizes. For instance, the 24-inch rolls come in sizes of 5 yards, 20 yards, and 50 yards, as does the 30-inch and the 36-inch widths. The variety of sizes in roll format makes Clearprint’s 1020 vellum paper convenient for offices depending on the paper for professional projects. When nothing but the best will do, Clearprint's 1020 vellum drafting/drawing paper is unparalleled. 


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