Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drafting Lamps: Swing Arm Lights Attach to Drafting Tables for Adjustable Light

For technical drawers, having access to the proper equipment is necessary to properly convey how a product is supposed to function. One of the most important pieces in any drafter’s arsenal is the drafting lamp. A drafting light enables the technical drawer to have enough light to measure out their drawing correctly, as well as to ensure that the proportions and dimensions of her image represent real life measurements.

In today’s market, there are a wide range of drafting lamps available. Each unique lamp style is designed with different features to suit different drafting purposes. For example, there is a lamp that features a large fluorescent light and adjustable swing arm. This lamp, called the Alvin, is perfect for an office setting where space is at a premium. This is because the Alvin’s swing lamp is easy to adjust and maneuver into many different positions.

If you design in a smaller space, there is a drafting light with a swinging arm and 100 watt light bulb. This lamp design has a 32 inch reach, adjustable height, and a clamp that allows the lamp to move two ways. Generally speaking, this lamp is the cheapest drafting lamp on the market.

Desktop Magnifier Lamps

For those in need of a more specialized drafting light, a desktop magnifier lamp enables drafters to add detail and precision to their drawings. These lamps are designed so that the user can look at a piece of paper or object through a magnifying glass. There is a circular fluorescent bulb that is located near the magnifier. When combined, the fluorescent light and magnifier are a great way to make the table surface more visible. Magnifier lamps also come equipped with a protective lens cover, a sturdy base, and electrical circuit.

To help architects, there are swing-arm lamps that double as heavy duty clamps. What makes these clamp lamps so unique is that the artist can attach the lamp directly to the drawing or an artistic table. These lamps come with an adjustable knob that allows the user to adjust the distance of the light from the table. 

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Safe-T-Cut Rulers Enable Safe and Accurate Measuring and Cutting

For the drafts-person or artist whose work requires the ability to cut through many types of materials quickly, accurately, and safely, the Safe-T-Cut straightedge ruler delivers outstanding performance. Serious craftspeople know that comfort and safety are just as important as quality and durability when it comes to selecting a top notch straightedge. Alvin Safe-T-Cut Straightedge rulers provide unmatched performance and safety for all types of drafting, cutting, and trimming applications.

Safe-T-Cut Cutting Rulers Protect Hands from Knives

Safety and easy readability are the hallmarks of these quality straightedges. They are constructed of hardened aluminum and feature a raised vertical guard to keep the knife blade safely away from hands and fingers. The Safe-T-Cut Ruler has an extra wide 3½ inch rubber-backed base to eliminate slipping and prevent accidental cuts. These precision straightedges are available in a wide range of sizes from 12 to 72 inches, and are graduated in both U.S. inches and metric centimeters to accommodate any cutting job.

Versatility & Durability

Safe-T-Cut straightedge rulers are designed for use with a variety of knives and other cutting tools including hobby knives, utility knives, rotary knives, and more. They are ideal for safely cutting a wide assortment of materials such as paper, vinyl, plastic, foam-board, gator-board, leather, etc., and they work superbly with all types and sizes of cutting mats. Graduations are provided in easy to read 1/16 inch and in 1 mm metric units for easy measuring. The supplied hanging ring allows the Safe-T-Cut Cutting Straightedge to be conveniently stored within easy reach until it is needed.

Not all straightedges are created equal. For the artist or crafts-person who wants to get the most out of state of the art technology, the Safe-T-Cut straightedge ruler is just the ticket to fast, safe, and accurate results every time, cut after cut.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Alvin Self Healing Cutting Mats

Alvin professional self healing cutting mats are made from a unique composite PVC vinyl material. They're designed for both rotary blades and straight utility blades. 3-ply rotary cutting mats provide a long-lasting surface that can be cut without showing marks.

Are you looking for a way to make precise, well measured cuts without constantly relying on a tape measure? Do you need a marked mat that will hold up against even the sharpest of your razor blades? It's time for you to look into purchasing our Self Healing Cutting Mats. They're professional grade and 3mm thick. Alvin Cutting Mats are available in sizes up to 4ft x 8ft. These mats are an excellent choice for both hobbyists and professionals that are looking for a hardy cutting mat. They're fantastic due to their reversible sides, self healing surfaces, and thick plastic construction.

The mats measurement ticks are marked to meet the needs of everyone from photographers to quilters and fashion designers. Alvin Cutting Mats have edges that are marked with measurements for convenience, and hash marks to help you make perfect cuts every time. For the larger mats, there are also internal hash marks to help keep measurements clear.

Another important feature of the Self Healing Cutting Mats is their surface. The surface doesn't easily scratch, meaning you can make cut after cut without the mat wearing down. In fact, the mat is self healing in that any abrasions quickly fill, giving you use of the mat for years. The mats are also stain resistant, making them look as vibrant and stain free after every use as the day you purchased the mat. The surface is also non-stick, keeping valuable fabrics and papers from adhering to the surface.

Rounded corners are another great feature of the mats, making them easier to slide and position your work without getting hung up. Punched holes make the mats a cinch to store, allowing you to easily hang them to save space, especially if you purchase multiple mats. So if you're looking for a way to work more precisely and avoid purchasing mats year after year, consider an Alvin Self Healing Mat. These mats are some of the most rugged in the industry. Don't hesitate; check them out today.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creativity Shines When Using Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables

Drafting requires special technical skills that incorporate drawings for a visual plan. These drawings are used throughout many different professions such as engineering, architecture, electrical, plumbing, and structural. The drawings are created to show how something will be constructed or how it functions. They need to be very precise and easy to comprehend, so the engineer can read it clearly. Drafting is a detail oriented job that represents dimension and the graphical language of the project that the person is working on. The information that a drafter conveys through their work is an essential part of any project and it is important that they have the proper drafting table.

A drafting table is a piece of furniture where people can conveniently place big sheets of paper allowing them to work comfortably on any project. The Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables is USA Made 45 Tilt Top Table is designed to provide the drafter with enough workspace to get the job done right and in comfort. The table is constructed out of extra strong 4-post steel with 18 gauge steel tubing, and it is so well constructed that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It has a table height of 37” and the tilt ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, which allows people of different heights to work those long hours, pain free. The intricate lines that are used in this technical field require a stable work space and this table accomplishes that.

Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables are well constructed with scratch resistant metal and is powder coated in a tough attractive dark gray finish. The thick top of the table is made of ¾” smooth thermafuse Melamine that is white in color. It is 37 ½” wide by 60” long. It is available with or without a reference tool drawer. Drafting tables are used by professionals and amateurs who want a good work area in which they can put their ideas to paper. The right designing space takes any job and makes it easier for the person to accomplish their goals. Drafters and artist will benefit from the use of a strong well-made table.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Safco EClipz Blue Print Clips of Indexing Plans and Drawings Pkg 50

Creating blue prints, plans, and other technical drawings is difficult work, requiring finely honed skills and great attention to detail. Each of these works is a work of art that should be indexed as such. Without a proper system of archiving, plans and prints can become disorganized, lost, or damaged. Why spend hours upon hours of meticulous work only to throw the completed works in a pile, forgotten and ignored? 

For the prolific artist or architect, sorting through previous works is a business necessity that can often prove to be an unwieldy endeavor. Draftsmen from all fields can relate to the headache that comes with trying to manage an ever growing backlog of drawings, plans, blue prints, and sketches. Storing the documents flat can make flipping through them easier, but such storage methods can require setup, maintenance, and space. Blue prints and other planning documents can come in a wide assortment of sizes, making flipping through them significantly more difficult than simply perusing a book. 

Keeping these documents rolled could be a solution, but differentiating one roll from another becomes a new concern. Stickers and tapes can be a quick, cheap, and an easy way to identify rolled art or drawings, but adhesive compounds can deteriorate with age and damage documents.

A better solution to archiving work is by using Safco EClipz. These stylish black clips come in packages of 50 and are made to be durable and long-lasting. The sleek and elegant design of these clips will not damage documents as they are easily slipped on and off. They also provide writing space for clear, custom labeling of all blue prints and drawings. Safco EClipz allow for specific documents to be archived or retrieved without having to unroll anything.

Simple archiving and indexing are not the only concerns, of course. For those out there who care about protecting the environment as much as protecting drawings and designs, Safco EClipz are GREENGUARD certified. Certification from the GREENGUARD Institute guarantees that Safco EClipz are good for the environment. Protect your documents today with EClipz!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Invest in Quality Laser Printer Film

Those who own laser printers, laser plotters and copy machines can benefit from high-quality products like film for laser printers. Buying proven durable products for printers and other types of related equipment can go far to ensure long-lasting results each and every time.

When considering the best laser plotter film, it's important to purchase from a reputable company that carries a broad range of large-format films required for anything from copy machines to laser plotters to printers. This type of film is similar to that used for inkjet printers but is made specifically to take toner and has the ability to withstand the extreme heat that is inherent in this type of printing.

Made of polyester, Mylar for laser printers and plotters comes in a variety of finishes, such as single or double matte, and is available in either rolls or sheets depending on the customer's preference and intended usage. Sheets range from 8.5 by 11 inches to 36 by 48 inches for the ultimate in versatility. Customers can choose from thicknesses of three mil or four mil, again dependent on specific equipment needs. Ensuring compatibility with most laser printers and plotters out there, such as HP, this is a wise all-encompassing choice that meets the most needs of the most clients. Whatever the application, HP laser film and HP laser plotter film can address client requirements.

Customers are encouraged to stock up on all the film for laser printers they will need for a long time to come, as this saves not only money but also time and hassle. It's wise to always have these products on hand -- such as laser plotter film and Mylar for laser printers and plotters -- so when they're needed, replacement can be done right away rather than having to wait a few days for shipment of the necessary product. Investing in high-quality films for printers and copiers will ensure compatibility, durability and versatility in every day operations. Purchasing from a company well-versed in the sale of laser printer and plotter films will go a long way toward ensuring a satisfying purchase process. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Self-Sealing Cutting Mats Offer Protection

An efficient work space needs to include a table with a cutting mat because the right equipment makes any job easier and safer. A stable bench or table is recommended when cutting a variety of materials such as fabrics and vinyl. The surface area is a key component to any work station, and it must include a high quality mat that protects the top as well as the cutting instruments. A mat is a versatile tool that helps quilters, hobbyists, graphic-artists, designers, model makers, or anyone who is using any type of cutting tool. The right mat allows people to get the job done right the first time by using a product that is designed for cutting.

Cutting mats can be custom ordered to fit any size work area, which allows customers to use an existing table or bench. Large cutting mats and extra-large mats are self-sealing and are made in the USA. These mats are the perfect pairing for any type of scissors, including shears and rotary scissors, because of the self-sealing properties. These durable mats are available in standard 6 feet x 12 feet or 4 feet x 16 feet. They are constructed using 180 gauge polyethylene plastic that is over 5/32 inches thick. These quality cutting mats have a non-glare surface that is translucent and works in conjunction with the additional alignment grid, which has 1” blue grid lines.

These special self-sealing mats help any sewing project stay organized and on track with plenty of cutting area. They protect any surface allowing for sign making designers to work freely and efficiently, which ultimately increases productivity. Each mat offers a durable long lasting work area that is designed to help people achieve their goals. Large cutting mats & extra large mats self sealing USA made for quilting, sewing, and sign making have custom cut to cutting table or bench capabilities. The ingenious self-sealing system allows the mats to continue protecting cut after cut. Now is the time to purchase a mat that is designed to protect any surface while keeping the tools sharp. Any job benefits from using the right mat.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Safco products flat file cabinets plan storage engineering architectural drawings & maps

For those interested in filing cabinets and storage spaces, look no further than Safco products flat file cabinets plan storage engineering architectural drawings & maps. Safco’s most popular product line – Steel Flat Files – is constructed of heavy-gauge steel that has been electrically welded for a durable, robust finish.

Because Safco cares about the safety of its customers, the Steel Flat Files have wrap around edges that eliminate the sharp edges and corners that generally characterize steel storage systems. Safco’s storage cabinets hold up to 500 active sheets per unit, 750 sheets of semi-active paper, and 1,000 sheets of inactive files.

In terms of the Steel Flat’s actual storage capabilities, the Steel Flat 10 Drawer possesses 10 specific drawers that allow for you to easily and efficiently retrieve and return your important office paperwork. These drawers are 1 inch deep each.

For stacking files vertically, the Steel Flat comes with anti-slip pads that that can secure up to five different parcels of paper without shifting or slipping.

Other features found on the Safco Steel Flat include: steel roller wheels, rear bumper pads, safety stops in each drawer, ball-bearing rollers inside the drawers, and hinged front depressors. The steel roller wheels are easy to assemble and make moving the Steel Flat around your office space or archival area a breeze.

The Safco Steel Flat has a museum-quality paint finish that stands up to both liquids and regular wear and tear extremely well. The storage system is available in four different colors and three sizes. More specifically, the smallest Steel Flat measures 37 inches by 26 inches. The Safco Medium 5 Drawer Flat File Cabinet, on the other hand, measures in at 43 inches by 32 inches.

More on Safco

Headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Safco has offered filing and storage solutions to their loyal customer base for more than 40 years. Besides filing and storage, Safco specializes in lighting, workplace organization, educational furniture, bookcases, desktop organizers, and mail-room furniture.

From an art and engineering standpoint, Safco manufactures archival roll files, clamps, drafting tools, drafting accessories, economy document storage apparatuses, high density storage structures, upright roll systems, and vertical file systems. Safco products set the bar for design and durability. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Create Healthy Workstations with Quality Office Chairs

The aches and pains of sitting at a drafting table all day can lead to serious repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and weeks of recovery. In fact, RSIs cost companies more than $20 billion annually and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, account for about 60 percent of all workplace injuries. So, what's the answer?

Choose the Correct Chair
To create a work space that lessens the impact of repetitive motions, it's critical to select the appropriate chair. From front-line workers to executives, all professionals need desk chairs that adjust to their own individual needs. Good office chairs don't have to cost thousands of dollars, but they do need to have a few important features like those found in the Leather Drafting Chair Executive MONARCH CH555.

Adjustable Height
A worker's feet should rest flat on the floor or on a foot-rest since keeping knees bent at a right angle relieves pressure on the thigh area. Pneumatic height controls on the Monarch chair allow workers to easily achieve a flat-footed position and encourages overall comfort.

Tilting Seat
When sitting, hips should be slightly higher than knees to maintain the spine's natural curve. To accomplish this posture, the MONARCH allows the user to control the seat pitch and is contoured to aid comfort.

Solid, Flexible Back Rests
High backrests like those found in the high-quality Executive MONARCH Leather Drafting Chair offer excellent spine support. In fact, its adjustable height, depth and tilt angle controls are also features that help professionals sustain good posture throughout the workday and lessen the strain on backs, shoulders and necks.

Maneuverability and Strength
Prevent falls and other injuries by ensuring that the chair is made of solid construction and can be moved around work spaces easily. In this regard, the Monarch also sets the standard with a steel reinforced nylon base for strength and dual wheel casters for portability.

Choosing an attractive, quality office chair isn't a luxury, it's a vital part of creating a comfortable and highly productive workplace. With a bit of attention to a chair's specific features, professionals can ensure a healthy workstation and a healthy workforce.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Light Boxes for Photography and Light Boxes for Tracing

Many visual artists have the need for light boxes for photography and light boxes for tracing. The ability to have media back-lit for improved clarity of detail is instrumental in producing artwork and determining the elements in film negatives or slides. Photographers tend to expose a lot of film that must be viewed quickly and easily, compared, sorted or organized. Artists need a light box to illuminate artwork for tracing or elaborating on a concept based on aspects of other work, such as in the creation of animation.

Basically, a light box is a simple framed box that holds several light bulbs or fluorescent tubes as the light source. The top is typically a frosted pane of glass or Plexiglas to protect the eyes and to provide a firm surface through which the light can pass without glare to reach the media viewed over it. A good light box is constructed carefully to provide the best light distribution without causing hot spots of fall-offs. They can be constructed from aluminum or wood and house the electrical fittings to power the lights. Light Boxes may also feature dual light control for variable light intensity.

Some artistic applications call for using the glass top to hold pieces that must be sized and fitted using various tapes and masking. Photographers similarly use a light box in this way such as if a negative has broken sprockets or a piece of film needs splicing, for example. Quilters find light boxes useful in designing their patterns as they have to work out certain combinations with pieces of paper before actually cutting into the fabric pieces. If they are working from an original concept, they may need to trace components.

Beyond the obvious uses, light boxes for photography and light boxes for tracing end up becoming useful in many more ways that people often would not have considered. Having the light box available makes many jobs easier just by the ability to illuminate work such as stitchery crafts, overlay work, model building, calligraphy, sketching and teaching. The longer you have a light box, the more uses you find for it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Black Drafting Chair Alvin Prestige Silver Foot Ring

A popular choice in drafting chairs when looking for comfort and versatility is the Black Drafting Chair Alvin Prestige Silver Foot Ring. It is a great choice for many due to its adjustable height and sturdy construction. This deluxe drafting height chair, perfect for serious architects, designers and artists, has a molded foam seat and back cushions. Offering comfort and durability in one package. This chair has an articulating seat and backrest, with a seat height that adjusts from 24" to 34". It boasts a reinforced nylon base measuring 24" in diameter as well as durable twin wheel casters. It also has an adjustable 20" diameter foot ring in silver, hence its name.

The Black Drafting Chair by Alvin has a molded seat measuring 19" wide with 2" of cushion for the ultimate in comfort. That's why it's perfect for those who find themselves sitting for long periods during the day. When purchasing this product, customers enjoy a two-year limited warranty on the gas cylinder and three-year warranty for defects. Meeting all California and BIFMA codes, the fabric and foam add a durable component to this heavy duty, yet lightweight drafting chair. It's an ideal complement to any office. The addition of the foot rings provides an ease of comfort for the user, who can prop his feet on the ring easily during daily work operations. The ergonomic features of this chair provide top-notch orthopedic spine support for the user as well.

Featuring the best in pneumatic height control, this drafting chair is easily adjusted thanks to its tilt-angle control. It moves easily on any floor type thanks to dual-wheel casters. With a height adjustable foot ring standard on each model, users will appreciate the versatility this product affords. It's designed to work well alone or in tandem with other Alvin products, such as the Alvin CraftMaster II Glass Top Deluxe Workstation. This best-selling Alvin ergonomic drafting chair comes in black to complement any decor. With a task chair height adjustable from 24" to 34" and optional armrests available, this product weights about 40 pounds.

As you can see, this drafting chair is of superior design and will provide comfort and years of service.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo portfolios for presentation, display, transportation, & storage of photographs, photography and graphic arts available in leather, simulated leather, polypropylene, nylon, & vinyl

Photo portfolios are invaluable to photographers, graphic artists, art students, architects, fashion designers and others who have photos, drawings and sketches that they need to carry around with them. Photo portfolios give their users a means of security, protection & storage of photographs and other flat pieces of art.

Some use photo portfolios for presentation. That is, they use them to transport their work to show existing or prospective clients and employers. The intended use of the portfolio determines the kind of portfolio the user buys. For presentation work, for example, portfolios for photography and graphic arts available in leather may be the right choice. Simulated leather too makes an elegant and sophisticated impression.

Perhaps someone who has photos or drawings safely tucked away in a photo portfolio is going to display them at an art museum, flea market or trade show. For the daily wear-and-tear on a student’s or office worker’s portfolio, perhaps nylon will be the material of choice. It’s water-resistant, durable and lightweight. Or, the user may choose a photo portfolio made of polypropylene. It’s durable and heavy-duty in construction.

The objective of the designers of photo portfolios is to satisfy the needs of the user. These portfolios come in a variety of sizes to allow for the transportation of almost any size piece of flat artwork. The user who carries papers, an appointment or address book, pencils, paint brushes and other items may choose a portfolio with inner and/or outer pockets.

Other people who want to guarantee that the contents inside do not bend will go beyond common soft-sided pieces made of nylon, polypropylene & vinyl and choose an optional Masonite board insert. Photo portfolio cases have handles and some also have shoulder straps, giving the user two ways to carry them.

Some portfolios have reinforced corners and can expand up to four inches to accommodate added material. Some photo portfolios are available not only in black but also in colors such as burgundy, green and gray. For the user of photo portfolios, there are many choices available.