Monday, February 10, 2014

Create Healthy Workstations with Quality Office Chairs

The aches and pains of sitting at a drafting table all day can lead to serious repetitive stress injuries (RSI) and weeks of recovery. In fact, RSIs cost companies more than $20 billion annually and, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, account for about 60 percent of all workplace injuries. So, what's the answer?

Choose the Correct Chair
To create a work space that lessens the impact of repetitive motions, it's critical to select the appropriate chair. From front-line workers to executives, all professionals need desk chairs that adjust to their own individual needs. Good office chairs don't have to cost thousands of dollars, but they do need to have a few important features like those found in the Leather Drafting Chair Executive MONARCH CH555.

Adjustable Height
A worker's feet should rest flat on the floor or on a foot-rest since keeping knees bent at a right angle relieves pressure on the thigh area. Pneumatic height controls on the Monarch chair allow workers to easily achieve a flat-footed position and encourages overall comfort.

Tilting Seat
When sitting, hips should be slightly higher than knees to maintain the spine's natural curve. To accomplish this posture, the MONARCH allows the user to control the seat pitch and is contoured to aid comfort.

Solid, Flexible Back Rests
High backrests like those found in the high-quality Executive MONARCH Leather Drafting Chair offer excellent spine support. In fact, its adjustable height, depth and tilt angle controls are also features that help professionals sustain good posture throughout the workday and lessen the strain on backs, shoulders and necks.

Maneuverability and Strength
Prevent falls and other injuries by ensuring that the chair is made of solid construction and can be moved around work spaces easily. In this regard, the Monarch also sets the standard with a steel reinforced nylon base for strength and dual wheel casters for portability.

Choosing an attractive, quality office chair isn't a luxury, it's a vital part of creating a comfortable and highly productive workplace. With a bit of attention to a chair's specific features, professionals can ensure a healthy workstation and a healthy workforce.


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