Thursday, February 20, 2014

Creativity Shines When Using Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables

Drafting requires special technical skills that incorporate drawings for a visual plan. These drawings are used throughout many different professions such as engineering, architecture, electrical, plumbing, and structural. The drawings are created to show how something will be constructed or how it functions. They need to be very precise and easy to comprehend, so the engineer can read it clearly. Drafting is a detail oriented job that represents dimension and the graphical language of the project that the person is working on. The information that a drafter conveys through their work is an essential part of any project and it is important that they have the proper drafting table.

A drafting table is a piece of furniture where people can conveniently place big sheets of paper allowing them to work comfortably on any project. The Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables is USA Made 45 Tilt Top Table is designed to provide the drafter with enough workspace to get the job done right and in comfort. The table is constructed out of extra strong 4-post steel with 18 gauge steel tubing, and it is so well constructed that it comes with a lifetime guarantee. It has a table height of 37” and the tilt ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degrees, which allows people of different heights to work those long hours, pain free. The intricate lines that are used in this technical field require a stable work space and this table accomplishes that.

Black DesignMaster Metal Drafting Tables are well constructed with scratch resistant metal and is powder coated in a tough attractive dark gray finish. The thick top of the table is made of ¾” smooth thermafuse Melamine that is white in color. It is 37 ½” wide by 60” long. It is available with or without a reference tool drawer. Drafting tables are used by professionals and amateurs who want a good work area in which they can put their ideas to paper. The right designing space takes any job and makes it easier for the person to accomplish their goals. Drafters and artist will benefit from the use of a strong well-made table.


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