Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drafting Lamps: Swing Arm Lights Attach to Drafting Tables for Adjustable Light

For technical drawers, having access to the proper equipment is necessary to properly convey how a product is supposed to function. One of the most important pieces in any drafter’s arsenal is the drafting lamp. A drafting light enables the technical drawer to have enough light to measure out their drawing correctly, as well as to ensure that the proportions and dimensions of her image represent real life measurements.

In today’s market, there are a wide range of drafting lamps available. Each unique lamp style is designed with different features to suit different drafting purposes. For example, there is a lamp that features a large fluorescent light and adjustable swing arm. This lamp, called the Alvin, is perfect for an office setting where space is at a premium. This is because the Alvin’s swing lamp is easy to adjust and maneuver into many different positions.

If you design in a smaller space, there is a drafting light with a swinging arm and 100 watt light bulb. This lamp design has a 32 inch reach, adjustable height, and a clamp that allows the lamp to move two ways. Generally speaking, this lamp is the cheapest drafting lamp on the market.

Desktop Magnifier Lamps

For those in need of a more specialized drafting light, a desktop magnifier lamp enables drafters to add detail and precision to their drawings. These lamps are designed so that the user can look at a piece of paper or object through a magnifying glass. There is a circular fluorescent bulb that is located near the magnifier. When combined, the fluorescent light and magnifier are a great way to make the table surface more visible. Magnifier lamps also come equipped with a protective lens cover, a sturdy base, and electrical circuit.

To help architects, there are swing-arm lamps that double as heavy duty clamps. What makes these clamp lamps so unique is that the artist can attach the lamp directly to the drawing or an artistic table. These lamps come with an adjustable knob that allows the user to adjust the distance of the light from the table. 


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