Saturday, February 1, 2014

Photo portfolios for presentation, display, transportation, & storage of photographs, photography and graphic arts available in leather, simulated leather, polypropylene, nylon, & vinyl

Photo portfolios are invaluable to photographers, graphic artists, art students, architects, fashion designers and others who have photos, drawings and sketches that they need to carry around with them. Photo portfolios give their users a means of security, protection & storage of photographs and other flat pieces of art.

Some use photo portfolios for presentation. That is, they use them to transport their work to show existing or prospective clients and employers. The intended use of the portfolio determines the kind of portfolio the user buys. For presentation work, for example, portfolios for photography and graphic arts available in leather may be the right choice. Simulated leather too makes an elegant and sophisticated impression.

Perhaps someone who has photos or drawings safely tucked away in a photo portfolio is going to display them at an art museum, flea market or trade show. For the daily wear-and-tear on a student’s or office worker’s portfolio, perhaps nylon will be the material of choice. It’s water-resistant, durable and lightweight. Or, the user may choose a photo portfolio made of polypropylene. It’s durable and heavy-duty in construction.

The objective of the designers of photo portfolios is to satisfy the needs of the user. These portfolios come in a variety of sizes to allow for the transportation of almost any size piece of flat artwork. The user who carries papers, an appointment or address book, pencils, paint brushes and other items may choose a portfolio with inner and/or outer pockets.

Other people who want to guarantee that the contents inside do not bend will go beyond common soft-sided pieces made of nylon, polypropylene & vinyl and choose an optional Masonite board insert. Photo portfolio cases have handles and some also have shoulder straps, giving the user two ways to carry them.

Some portfolios have reinforced corners and can expand up to four inches to accommodate added material. Some photo portfolios are available not only in black but also in colors such as burgundy, green and gray. For the user of photo portfolios, there are many choices available.


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