Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Safco EClipz Blue Print Clips of Indexing Plans and Drawings Pkg 50

Creating blue prints, plans, and other technical drawings is difficult work, requiring finely honed skills and great attention to detail. Each of these works is a work of art that should be indexed as such. Without a proper system of archiving, plans and prints can become disorganized, lost, or damaged. Why spend hours upon hours of meticulous work only to throw the completed works in a pile, forgotten and ignored? 

For the prolific artist or architect, sorting through previous works is a business necessity that can often prove to be an unwieldy endeavor. Draftsmen from all fields can relate to the headache that comes with trying to manage an ever growing backlog of drawings, plans, blue prints, and sketches. Storing the documents flat can make flipping through them easier, but such storage methods can require setup, maintenance, and space. Blue prints and other planning documents can come in a wide assortment of sizes, making flipping through them significantly more difficult than simply perusing a book. 

Keeping these documents rolled could be a solution, but differentiating one roll from another becomes a new concern. Stickers and tapes can be a quick, cheap, and an easy way to identify rolled art or drawings, but adhesive compounds can deteriorate with age and damage documents.

A better solution to archiving work is by using Safco EClipz. These stylish black clips come in packages of 50 and are made to be durable and long-lasting. The sleek and elegant design of these clips will not damage documents as they are easily slipped on and off. They also provide writing space for clear, custom labeling of all blue prints and drawings. Safco EClipz allow for specific documents to be archived or retrieved without having to unroll anything.

Simple archiving and indexing are not the only concerns, of course. For those out there who care about protecting the environment as much as protecting drawings and designs, Safco EClipz are GREENGUARD certified. Certification from the GREENGUARD Institute guarantees that Safco EClipz are good for the environment. Protect your documents today with EClipz!


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