Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Safe-T-Cut Rulers Enable Safe and Accurate Measuring and Cutting

For the drafts-person or artist whose work requires the ability to cut through many types of materials quickly, accurately, and safely, the Safe-T-Cut straightedge ruler delivers outstanding performance. Serious craftspeople know that comfort and safety are just as important as quality and durability when it comes to selecting a top notch straightedge. Alvin Safe-T-Cut Straightedge rulers provide unmatched performance and safety for all types of drafting, cutting, and trimming applications.

Safe-T-Cut Cutting Rulers Protect Hands from Knives

Safety and easy readability are the hallmarks of these quality straightedges. They are constructed of hardened aluminum and feature a raised vertical guard to keep the knife blade safely away from hands and fingers. The Safe-T-Cut Ruler has an extra wide 3½ inch rubber-backed base to eliminate slipping and prevent accidental cuts. These precision straightedges are available in a wide range of sizes from 12 to 72 inches, and are graduated in both U.S. inches and metric centimeters to accommodate any cutting job.

Versatility & Durability

Safe-T-Cut straightedge rulers are designed for use with a variety of knives and other cutting tools including hobby knives, utility knives, rotary knives, and more. They are ideal for safely cutting a wide assortment of materials such as paper, vinyl, plastic, foam-board, gator-board, leather, etc., and they work superbly with all types and sizes of cutting mats. Graduations are provided in easy to read 1/16 inch and in 1 mm metric units for easy measuring. The supplied hanging ring allows the Safe-T-Cut Cutting Straightedge to be conveniently stored within easy reach until it is needed.

Not all straightedges are created equal. For the artist or crafts-person who wants to get the most out of state of the art technology, the Safe-T-Cut straightedge ruler is just the ticket to fast, safe, and accurate results every time, cut after cut.


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