Friday, February 14, 2014

Self-Sealing Cutting Mats Offer Protection

An efficient work space needs to include a table with a cutting mat because the right equipment makes any job easier and safer. A stable bench or table is recommended when cutting a variety of materials such as fabrics and vinyl. The surface area is a key component to any work station, and it must include a high quality mat that protects the top as well as the cutting instruments. A mat is a versatile tool that helps quilters, hobbyists, graphic-artists, designers, model makers, or anyone who is using any type of cutting tool. The right mat allows people to get the job done right the first time by using a product that is designed for cutting.

Cutting mats can be custom ordered to fit any size work area, which allows customers to use an existing table or bench. Large cutting mats and extra-large mats are self-sealing and are made in the USA. These mats are the perfect pairing for any type of scissors, including shears and rotary scissors, because of the self-sealing properties. These durable mats are available in standard 6 feet x 12 feet or 4 feet x 16 feet. They are constructed using 180 gauge polyethylene plastic that is over 5/32 inches thick. These quality cutting mats have a non-glare surface that is translucent and works in conjunction with the additional alignment grid, which has 1” blue grid lines.

These special self-sealing mats help any sewing project stay organized and on track with plenty of cutting area. They protect any surface allowing for sign making designers to work freely and efficiently, which ultimately increases productivity. Each mat offers a durable long lasting work area that is designed to help people achieve their goals. Large cutting mats & extra large mats self sealing USA made for quilting, sewing, and sign making have custom cut to cutting table or bench capabilities. The ingenious self-sealing system allows the mats to continue protecting cut after cut. Now is the time to purchase a mat that is designed to protect any surface while keeping the tools sharp. Any job benefits from using the right mat.


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