Saturday, March 29, 2014

Fluorescent Drafting Lamp Swing-Arm Alvin Black

The Fluorescent Drafting Lamp Swing-Arm Alvin Black is an effective, reasonably priced lamp for use in offices, homes, apartments and college dorms, Since it's 7.50 inches by 4.25 inches by 17.50 inches, it’s compact. At 5.5 pounds, it’s lightweight.

Though it’s called a drafting light, the user doesn’t have to be a draftsmen or architect to enjoy it. In fact, Black high-glass metal lamp has a sleek and contemporary look and adds a sophisticated look to any decor. The shade is 4 3/4 inches in diameter. Since the lamp has a swing arm that’s controlled by springs, the user can position the shade in the most convenient position and know that it will stay in place. The arm has a reach of 14 inches. It’s an ideal lamp for small spaces. Since the lamp has a base, it can quickly and easily be moved from surface-to-surface.

The lamp has earned an Energy Star rating, which comes from a joint program of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) that aims to save money and protect the environment by using energy efficient products and appliances. The Fluorescent Drafting Lamp Swing-Arm Alvin Black uses a 13-watt fluorescent bulb. A 13-watt fluorescent bulb produces an amount of light comparable to a 60-watt incandescent bulb while using less energy. It’s estimated that a 13-watt bulb over its 10,000-hour life saves 470 kilowatt hours over a 60-watt bulb. That racks up to an estimated savings of $35.74 over an incandescent bulb.

Alvin & Company, which is based in Connecticut, makes this lamp. Since 1950, it has manufactured quality supplies, furniture and accessories for the draftsmen, graphic artists, engineers, architects, hobbyists and others. Over the years, its customers have come to expect the best quality products from Alvin. 

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack

With a Safco Blueprint Plan Rack, you are easily able to store your blueprints without having to worry about any damage being done to them. Because blueprints are quite large and may take up a good amount of space, it is easy for them to become ripped and wrinkled when not cared for properly. Racks made especially for blueprints give you the ability to store your plans safely and securely, making organization a breeze. Best of all, these mobile racks allow you to move them around the office as you see fit, bringing them into meetings or wherever they made be needed.

Vertical Blueprint Rack Features
A Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack is an affordable way to effectively organize all of your blueprints. With the ability to hang up to 18 clamps vertically, you will never run out of room for all of your plans. Four swivel casters located on the bottom of the Safco plan rack make moving and turning your rack as easy as can be. These racks are designed to not only meet, but also to exceed your expectations.

The Benefits of Vertical Plan Racks
Vertical blueprint plan racks from Safco offer quick and easy access to all of your blueprint plans and maps. The biggest advantage to these types of storage racks is that they offer the ability to organize, access and move plans around to different people and places as needed. These convenient rolled and vertical storage options give you the same volume of storage as other types of blueprint storage racks with a much smaller footprint. Wherever your project is needed, your Safco rack can go with you.

Not only is a Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack beneficial for those in need of a blueprint storage solution, but is also very affordable. These storage racks are typically priced lower than other models which still providing you with the storage space that you need, wherever you need it the most. These racks are perfect for home offices, small companies and large scale businesses.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Safco Standard Hanging Clamps

Architects and building contractors rely on easy access to multiple sheets of design specs, especially when a series of drawings are displayed together. Hanging clamps made from sturdy aluminum must be strong enough to support the weight of up to 100 individual sheets. The lightweight and strong Safco Standard Hanging Clamps are available in a variety of sizes, are priced reasonably, and are guaranteed for life against defect.

Extruded Aluminum Clamps
One of the problems with hanging heavier blueprint sheets or architectural drawings involves the sturdiness of the supporting frame. Architects also need to be able to quickly remove the display from the wall through the use of twist knobs. Many of the metal clamps currently being sold today do not allow for this.

The Safco family of aluminum hanging clamps features a strong, hollow rod and sturdy clamp material made from extruded aluminum. The clamps are designed to hold up to 20 pounds of weight. The Aculon plastic wing knobs make for easy tightening. The clamp itself is very strong and is firmly attached to the rod.

Available In Several Different Sizes
Safco Standard Hanging Clamps product come in several different lengths including 18-inch, 24-inch, 30-inch, and 36-inch. Each of these are sold in quantities of six. The larger 36-inch set weighs less than 10 pounds. The clamps come with a full set of plastic label holders. Each product comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Compatible With Other Products
These hanging racks are fully compatible with other Safco plan racks as well as Mayline and Alvin blueprint racks. They are the perfect accessory for on-site job shacks where efficient use of storage and display space is required.

Several manufacturers have developed a line of hanging racks that are sized according to the most popular dimensions of blueprints or maps. However, these products do not clamp onto or fit well above the most commonly used plan racks. The hanging racks from Safco are proportioned to make them the perfect complement to nearly all name-brand plan racks and mobile vertical files. The racks also are compatible with Safco vertical storage compartments and Safco cubicle wall racks. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Benefits of Portable Drafting Tables

Drafting tables are essential in the business, and the move to digital technology has not lessened the need for high-quality tables. However, most rely on large tables that are difficult to move. Here are a few of the reasons why investing in a portable drafting table is a wise move.

Work From Anywhere

Portable tables offer the same features as tables not designed to move, and many professionals use them on a daily basis. Those who make the switch full time will be able to bring their work with them wherever they go. Switching to a new drafting table also requires a transitional period, but most find the move to be worthwhile.

Impress Clients

Instead of showing clients finished drafts and working with computers, drafters can use a portable drafting table to make changes on the spot. Drafting is a difficult skill that requires expertise, and potential clients will likely be impressed by your ability to translate their visions to paper. A quick demonstration is often enough to increase a potential client's trust.


A portable table sits on a desk or other surface, which allows users to determine the right height for them. Standing tables offer a number of significant health benefits, and those who use their drafting tables while standing can benefit. However, some prefer to sit for at least part of the day, and portable tables make the transition from sitting to standing simple. This versatility is rare with standalone drafting tables, and it comes at a high cost as well.


Some drafters enjoy teaching others about their craft, but doing so can be a bit of a challenge. With a portable table, it is possible to bring the instruction to students regardless of where they are located. Whether the goal is to make some extra money through teaching or to introduce this analog art for to a digital generation, a portable table can help.

Drafting remains popular despite the advent of new technology, but this doesn't mean that the field isn't changing. By buying a portable table, it is possible to expand your work area and perform tasks not possible with traditional tables.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Edge Binding Tape & Binder for Blueprints, Maps, & Often Handled Documents

Surveyors who need maps of the local area, civil engineers who needs depth charts, architects working with a company on a large project, and artists who have put big aspirations down on a suitably sized piece of paper, all have one common threat to their work: the effect that wear and tear of everyday work and viewing can have on their documents.

All it takes is one small tear in the edge to lead to a progressively larger problem where the only solution is a drastic one that will ultimately work to hinder the purpose of these document.

To keep that from happening, edge binding tape and binders for blueprints or maps and other "often handled" documents exists. It's a sophisticated but simple-to-use system that allows individuals to take a preventative and professional step towards ensuring that their documents stay in only the most pristine of conditions.

Let's examine how this tool can make the life of people who handle large documents on a daily basis considerably easier by examining the problem and the solution in detail.

The Problem: Wrinkled Documents and Torn Edges

No matter how careful a person is with an unprotected document, the edge can begin to fray and the document itself will begin to dimple or curl.

While this can be manageable in the beginning, it will lead to documents of sufficient size needing to undergo drastic repair procedures, or require replacement entirely.

For fields like architecture and art, the unfortunate fact is that many of these documents can't be replaced. Professionals in these fields use original documents designed to fulfill their own needs, which means that finding a way to ensure these documents stay protected is vital to prolonging their lifespan.

The Solution: Edge Binding & Tape

The solution to warding off tears, crinkles and other blemishes that tend to commonly affect large documents is a simple solution presented in a sophisticated manner: edge binding & tape.

The system works by sealing the outer edges of documents in a tougher material that adheres to the documents themselves, in a non-obtrusive way. This allows any material present in the center to stay clear of obstructions while ensuring that the document itself stays durable, straight and crisp.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer

Businesses in the engineering and construction industries oftentimes have blueprints and other large forms of paper that they must trim. Using a traditional pair of scissors to get the job done can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, there are innovative tools like the Neolt paper trimmer that are designed to allow companies to cut their blueprints and other large documents precisely with ease.

The Neolt paper trimmer is a rotary trimmer that features a cutting head with smooth roller bearings. Additionally, it has a swivel handle mounted atop it for added operator comfort when cutting. What’s particularly advantageous about it is that the cutter wheels are self-sharpening and possess a bi-directional capacity, so users may cut in both directions with no hassle.

Raise or lower the cutting head from any position on the trimmer’s bar. Papers that are longer than the board itself can even be cut by the trimmer thanks to the trimmer’s unique shoulder design. Additionally, the trimmer is relatively easy to operate since the transparent clamp strip lifts up automatically after the rotary cutting wheel reaches the end of the paper.

The trimmer is ideal for reprographic departments, engineering offices, copy centers and other such businesses. It is designed for fast and accurate cutting of all types of documents, including drawing, plotter and laminated ones. Please note that it is not designed to cut foam board or mat. It may be purchased as a table top trimmer or a stand-up version that features a sturdy steel stand, complete with a waste catcher to dispose of cut offs.

Investing in the appropriate paper trimmer can make a business more efficient because then it doesn’t have to waste time on mundane tasks that can take a long time to complete without the appropriate tools. Paper trimmers can free up employees to focus on more immediate tasks since they won’t have to spend as much time on menial tasks like cutting paper. Paper trimmers are absolutely essential for businesses that deal with large documents like blueprints regularly and can help increase the business’s output and productivity. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Designmaster Drafting Table

If you are a professional architect, art student or home hobbyist, chances are that you’ve been in the market for a high quality art or drafting table. A design professional may be looking for a sturdy table with a large top that can remain smooth and steady for years of daily use. The primary consideration for an art student, however, may be cost and size, as they have a limited budget and a small workspace. The hobbyist may need something in between, depending upon their specific needs. Though their needs are varied, all of these creative individuals can find what they need in the Designmaster line of art and drafting tables by Alvin.

All Designmaster drafting tables are made with the same sturdy construction and come with a lifetime guarantee. The top boards are constructed of ¾” therma-fused white matte melamine that will stay smooth and flat even with daily use. The squared edges of the durable top are trimmed with heavy bonded black vinyl for added stability and visual contrast. The surface tilts from a flat surface up to a 45 degree angle to meet any design or drawing requirements. Support panels and optional drawers are made of the same attractive white matte melamine.

What really sets these drafting tables apart from the competition, however, is the exceptionally stable and steady construction of the framing. The legs and supports are made from heavy 18-gauge steel tubing that is coated with scratch-resistant electrostatic powder in a medium gray or black finish. The legs of the four-post construction are 3”x2” and welded together for maximum inflexibility. This table will not shift! And neither will your project, allowing you maximum precision in your work.

Professionals will like the larger models. These high quality tables come with top sizes of 37.5”x 60” or an extra-roomy 37.5”x 72”, stand 37” tall and include drawers. For students and artists with limited space, there is a compact model that has a top measuring 36”x 48” and is 28” tall. Whatever your needs, budget or space considerations, there is a Designmaster drafting table to meet your requirements.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer

The Neolt Paper Trimmer is designed for accurate and fast trimming of all types of plotter, drawing and laminated media paper such as film, vellum and more. However, it is not designed to cut foam board or mat. It is an excellent choice for use in engineering and architectural offices, commercial printing houses, reprographic departments, copy centers, sign shops, different types of offices, photography and art studios, schools, and many other businesses and professions.

The trimmer is constructed of industrial grade materials that are made to last for many years. New advanced technology enables accurate cuts quickly, consistently, precisely and easily.

The Neolt Paper Trimmer uses a self sharpening rotary cutting wheel that is bi-directional. The rotary cutting head can be lowered or raised to any desired position and has roller bearings with a swivel handle for the comfort and convenience of the operator. A shoulder design permits the cutting of paper that is longer than the trimmer. The clamp strip is transparent and automatically lifts when the cutting head comes to either end. The baseboard is graduated and has rule tapes in both metric and inches.

Additionally, the trimmer comes with specially-designed safety features that protect the user at all times without diminishing the functioning of the cutter.

Availability can be either as a table top piece of equipment or can come paired with a durable stand and a waste catcher. You are welcome to discuss exactly what your business or personal needs are, so that you can receive guidance toward your choice of trimmer.

In addition to fast shipment, you have a money back guarantee, and you will know exactly what your cost is for the trimmer you choose, because the shipping is free via truck within the lower 48 states of the USA.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Large Self Healing Cutting Mats

Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike deserve a reliable self healing cutting mat. These self healing mats for cutting allow one to use both sides of the mat for the utmost precision. Dual-sided texturing improves the safety by protecting the knives from wearing down and becoming too dull to use. These mats with self healing capabilities are suited for cutting fabrics, banners, signage and more.

The durability of a self healing mat

The surface material is designed to protect blades and cutting tools from becoming dull. Large self healing cutting mats are made to withstand extensive use. Made from quality composite materials, the self-healing mats are made to endure cutting, spills and abrasions. If the mat is cut during the preparation process, it begins to instantaneously heal itself, making it suitable for commercial use. Tough composite materials prevent mat from losing its shape when exposed to sunlight.

Additional features

Dual side protection ensures that mats retain their original condition on both sides, offering a stable working surface. Each mat features ½ inch grid lines with ¼” graduations to create that precise cut. Grid markings on both sides allows for the opportunity to cut using multiple approaches. Multiple layers of PVC plastics give added strength to an already sturdy design. Angle lines serve to guide the cutting precise, preventing inconsistencies while forming the perfect angle. Cutting mat dimensions are large enough to cover any work surface or large table.

These self healing mats are good for schools, offices and home use. Perfect for sewing, drawing and cutting, these mats are perfect for any process requiring a precise cut supported by a durable surface. A dependable cutting mat improves productivity, safety and precision for the user. Both new and seasoned craftsmen alike will appreciate the sound design of the durable, textured, self healing cutting mat.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rolling Storage Carts with Drawers offer Mobile Storage for Supplies on Carts

Make your life much easier and more organized when you can make use of rolling storage carts that can move from place to place for the convenience of having your supplies available right near you. The included drawers make the storage even more effective as they can be used for smaller items to keep them contained and within easy reach.

Such carts are the perfect solution for storage for engineers, architects, draftsmen, artists and anyone who needs a place for all their supplies and needs to move them around in order to accomplish their work rapidly and in an organized fashion.

Available in black, white and bright colors, these storage carts and their drawers are a very attractive addition to your office or work space, and the drawer and shelf configurations can be purchased according to your personal requirements. The three drawer carts contain deep drawers, and the six and 15 drawer carts contain both standard and deep drawers. The 10, 12 and 20 drawer carts contain only standard sized drawers. Each storage drawer holds up to three pounds.

These carts have a patented interlocking rail that prevents the drawers from shifting off the rail. Every drawer has a molded drawer stop that prevents the drawer from pushing through the back of the cart. The single wide carts have four casters, two that can be locked. The double-wide carts with 12, 15 or 20 drawers have an additional leg support and six casters, three that lock.

A Mobile Vertical Drawing File Organizer is reasonably priced and is perfect for office, home, shop or studio use. The unit has a strong metal frame and holds five white plastic drawers with easy grip built-in handles. Complete unit is 20" high and equipped with four dual plastic casters, two of which lock. It is even shipped completely assembled.

A rolling storage cart with four drawers that hold up to three pounds plus two shelves is also available when shelves are desired along with drawers.

Appreciate and make use of the fact that Rolling Storage Carts with Drawers offer Mobile Storage for Supplies on Carts.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Mayline Vertical Plan Files Store Blueprint Drawings with Hanging Clamps

Blueprint is the name given to a technical drawing that documents the structural design of a building or another engineering work. Blueprints were first introduced in 1842 by a French chemist named Alphonse Louis Poitevin. Poitevin discovered that the ferro-gallate found in gum arabic was sensitive to light. Exposing ferro-gellate to light would turn the chemical to a deep, insoluble blue. Images from translucent documents could then be copied by placing the original against another sheet coated with a mixture of ferric ammonium acid and potassium ferricyanide. The papers were then exposed to light. The areas that were not covered by the tracing on the transparent page would become a dark blue as the two chemicals reacted with the light, creating a negative image of the original. This method of blueprinting became known as cyanotype.

Blueprinting methods have improved as the centuries passed. In the early 1940s, another type of blueprinting was invented that became known as diazotype. Diazotyping involves coating the paper with a combination of diazonium salt and a reactant. The mixture also includes an acid that prevents the salt and the reactant from forming into another chemical. The document to be copied is placed on top of the treated paper and is exposed to light. The salt is destroyed in the process. The paper is then treated with ammonia, which turns the traced areas blue. Blueprints created by this method are called whiteprints and blue-lines, because the finished product consists of a white background with blue lines representing the drawing. Diazo prints are still used for some applications, but they have been replaced in many cases with xerographic printing, large-format scanning and plotting and digital displays. Blueprints are known as “drawings” and “prints” by those who work in the engineering and design fields.

Blueprints need to be kept in a safe place to prevent them from becoming crumpled or otherwise damaged. Mayline Vertical Plan Files Store Blueprint Drawings with Hanging Clamps allowing the user to hang blueprints from a mobile rack to provide easy access. The vertical plan files are available in many sizes and configurations, including hangers and the ability to attach the files to the wall.