Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Designmaster Drafting Table

If you are a professional architect, art student or home hobbyist, chances are that you’ve been in the market for a high quality art or drafting table. A design professional may be looking for a sturdy table with a large top that can remain smooth and steady for years of daily use. The primary consideration for an art student, however, may be cost and size, as they have a limited budget and a small workspace. The hobbyist may need something in between, depending upon their specific needs. Though their needs are varied, all of these creative individuals can find what they need in the Designmaster line of art and drafting tables by Alvin.

All Designmaster drafting tables are made with the same sturdy construction and come with a lifetime guarantee. The top boards are constructed of ¾” therma-fused white matte melamine that will stay smooth and flat even with daily use. The squared edges of the durable top are trimmed with heavy bonded black vinyl for added stability and visual contrast. The surface tilts from a flat surface up to a 45 degree angle to meet any design or drawing requirements. Support panels and optional drawers are made of the same attractive white matte melamine.

What really sets these drafting tables apart from the competition, however, is the exceptionally stable and steady construction of the framing. The legs and supports are made from heavy 18-gauge steel tubing that is coated with scratch-resistant electrostatic powder in a medium gray or black finish. The legs of the four-post construction are 3”x2” and welded together for maximum inflexibility. This table will not shift! And neither will your project, allowing you maximum precision in your work.

Professionals will like the larger models. These high quality tables come with top sizes of 37.5”x 60” or an extra-roomy 37.5”x 72”, stand 37” tall and include drawers. For students and artists with limited space, there is a compact model that has a top measuring 36”x 48” and is 28” tall. Whatever your needs, budget or space considerations, there is a Designmaster drafting table to meet your requirements.


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