Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Large Self Healing Cutting Mats

Hobbyists and enthusiasts alike deserve a reliable self healing cutting mat. These self healing mats for cutting allow one to use both sides of the mat for the utmost precision. Dual-sided texturing improves the safety by protecting the knives from wearing down and becoming too dull to use. These mats with self healing capabilities are suited for cutting fabrics, banners, signage and more.

The durability of a self healing mat

The surface material is designed to protect blades and cutting tools from becoming dull. Large self healing cutting mats are made to withstand extensive use. Made from quality composite materials, the self-healing mats are made to endure cutting, spills and abrasions. If the mat is cut during the preparation process, it begins to instantaneously heal itself, making it suitable for commercial use. Tough composite materials prevent mat from losing its shape when exposed to sunlight.

Additional features

Dual side protection ensures that mats retain their original condition on both sides, offering a stable working surface. Each mat features ½ inch grid lines with ¼” graduations to create that precise cut. Grid markings on both sides allows for the opportunity to cut using multiple approaches. Multiple layers of PVC plastics give added strength to an already sturdy design. Angle lines serve to guide the cutting precise, preventing inconsistencies while forming the perfect angle. Cutting mat dimensions are large enough to cover any work surface or large table.

These self healing mats are good for schools, offices and home use. Perfect for sewing, drawing and cutting, these mats are perfect for any process requiring a precise cut supported by a durable surface. A dependable cutting mat improves productivity, safety and precision for the user. Both new and seasoned craftsmen alike will appreciate the sound design of the durable, textured, self healing cutting mat.


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