Sunday, March 16, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer

The Neolt Paper Trimmer is designed for accurate and fast trimming of all types of plotter, drawing and laminated media paper such as film, vellum and more. However, it is not designed to cut foam board or mat. It is an excellent choice for use in engineering and architectural offices, commercial printing houses, reprographic departments, copy centers, sign shops, different types of offices, photography and art studios, schools, and many other businesses and professions.

The trimmer is constructed of industrial grade materials that are made to last for many years. New advanced technology enables accurate cuts quickly, consistently, precisely and easily.

The Neolt Paper Trimmer uses a self sharpening rotary cutting wheel that is bi-directional. The rotary cutting head can be lowered or raised to any desired position and has roller bearings with a swivel handle for the comfort and convenience of the operator. A shoulder design permits the cutting of paper that is longer than the trimmer. The clamp strip is transparent and automatically lifts when the cutting head comes to either end. The baseboard is graduated and has rule tapes in both metric and inches.

Additionally, the trimmer comes with specially-designed safety features that protect the user at all times without diminishing the functioning of the cutter.

Availability can be either as a table top piece of equipment or can come paired with a durable stand and a waste catcher. You are welcome to discuss exactly what your business or personal needs are, so that you can receive guidance toward your choice of trimmer.

In addition to fast shipment, you have a money back guarantee, and you will know exactly what your cost is for the trimmer you choose, because the shipping is free via truck within the lower 48 states of the USA.


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