Thursday, March 20, 2014

Neolt Paper Trimmer

Businesses in the engineering and construction industries oftentimes have blueprints and other large forms of paper that they must trim. Using a traditional pair of scissors to get the job done can be time-consuming and tedious. Fortunately, there are innovative tools like the Neolt paper trimmer that are designed to allow companies to cut their blueprints and other large documents precisely with ease.

The Neolt paper trimmer is a rotary trimmer that features a cutting head with smooth roller bearings. Additionally, it has a swivel handle mounted atop it for added operator comfort when cutting. What’s particularly advantageous about it is that the cutter wheels are self-sharpening and possess a bi-directional capacity, so users may cut in both directions with no hassle.

Raise or lower the cutting head from any position on the trimmer’s bar. Papers that are longer than the board itself can even be cut by the trimmer thanks to the trimmer’s unique shoulder design. Additionally, the trimmer is relatively easy to operate since the transparent clamp strip lifts up automatically after the rotary cutting wheel reaches the end of the paper.

The trimmer is ideal for reprographic departments, engineering offices, copy centers and other such businesses. It is designed for fast and accurate cutting of all types of documents, including drawing, plotter and laminated ones. Please note that it is not designed to cut foam board or mat. It may be purchased as a table top trimmer or a stand-up version that features a sturdy steel stand, complete with a waste catcher to dispose of cut offs.

Investing in the appropriate paper trimmer can make a business more efficient because then it doesn’t have to waste time on mundane tasks that can take a long time to complete without the appropriate tools. Paper trimmers can free up employees to focus on more immediate tasks since they won’t have to spend as much time on menial tasks like cutting paper. Paper trimmers are absolutely essential for businesses that deal with large documents like blueprints regularly and can help increase the business’s output and productivity. 


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