Monday, March 10, 2014

Rolling Storage Carts with Drawers offer Mobile Storage for Supplies on Carts

Make your life much easier and more organized when you can make use of rolling storage carts that can move from place to place for the convenience of having your supplies available right near you. The included drawers make the storage even more effective as they can be used for smaller items to keep them contained and within easy reach.

Such carts are the perfect solution for storage for engineers, architects, draftsmen, artists and anyone who needs a place for all their supplies and needs to move them around in order to accomplish their work rapidly and in an organized fashion.

Available in black, white and bright colors, these storage carts and their drawers are a very attractive addition to your office or work space, and the drawer and shelf configurations can be purchased according to your personal requirements. The three drawer carts contain deep drawers, and the six and 15 drawer carts contain both standard and deep drawers. The 10, 12 and 20 drawer carts contain only standard sized drawers. Each storage drawer holds up to three pounds.

These carts have a patented interlocking rail that prevents the drawers from shifting off the rail. Every drawer has a molded drawer stop that prevents the drawer from pushing through the back of the cart. The single wide carts have four casters, two that can be locked. The double-wide carts with 12, 15 or 20 drawers have an additional leg support and six casters, three that lock.

A Mobile Vertical Drawing File Organizer is reasonably priced and is perfect for office, home, shop or studio use. The unit has a strong metal frame and holds five white plastic drawers with easy grip built-in handles. Complete unit is 20" high and equipped with four dual plastic casters, two of which lock. It is even shipped completely assembled.

A rolling storage cart with four drawers that hold up to three pounds plus two shelves is also available when shelves are desired along with drawers.

Appreciate and make use of the fact that Rolling Storage Carts with Drawers offer Mobile Storage for Supplies on Carts.


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