Thursday, March 27, 2014

Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack

With a Safco Blueprint Plan Rack, you are easily able to store your blueprints without having to worry about any damage being done to them. Because blueprints are quite large and may take up a good amount of space, it is easy for them to become ripped and wrinkled when not cared for properly. Racks made especially for blueprints give you the ability to store your plans safely and securely, making organization a breeze. Best of all, these mobile racks allow you to move them around the office as you see fit, bringing them into meetings or wherever they made be needed.

Vertical Blueprint Rack Features
A Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack is an affordable way to effectively organize all of your blueprints. With the ability to hang up to 18 clamps vertically, you will never run out of room for all of your plans. Four swivel casters located on the bottom of the Safco plan rack make moving and turning your rack as easy as can be. These racks are designed to not only meet, but also to exceed your expectations.

The Benefits of Vertical Plan Racks
Vertical blueprint plan racks from Safco offer quick and easy access to all of your blueprint plans and maps. The biggest advantage to these types of storage racks is that they offer the ability to organize, access and move plans around to different people and places as needed. These convenient rolled and vertical storage options give you the same volume of storage as other types of blueprint storage racks with a much smaller footprint. Wherever your project is needed, your Safco rack can go with you.

Not only is a Safco Vertical Blueprint Plan Rack beneficial for those in need of a blueprint storage solution, but is also very affordable. These storage racks are typically priced lower than other models which still providing you with the storage space that you need, wherever you need it the most. These racks are perfect for home offices, small companies and large scale businesses.


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