Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cutting Mat and Rotary Tool Tips

Cutting mats and cutting mat tools go together as one of the most common craft and hobby tools available. They can be highly portable or function as a large crafting center for quilts and graphic layouts. However, there are a few guidelines to consider when purchasing one or both of these tools for projects.

Rotary Tool Tips

Rotary tools come in several sizes to accommodate different types of material to cut. A rotary tool should be used with care and can be adjusted based on the speed of cutting desired. Holding the tool at waist height on a table works best. Notions such as cutting rulers and a straight edge help prevent injury and protect the material from moving around.

• Small

Smaller cutters are approximately 28mm in size and are ideal for cutting photos or small, thinner pieces of fabric such as drapery lining.

• Medium

The medium 45mm cutters are considered all-purpose tools for most projects.

• Large

Large rotary cutters are 60mm or larger and can cut through very heavy fabric or longer pieces of material. They are also ideal for cutting through multiple layers of material or balsa wood.
Cutting Mat Uses and Types

Most cutting mats are 'self healing', which means that they will not show a blemish after using a cutting device on the surface. Many crafters find this beneficial in aesthetics and keeping a smooth surface for cutting fabric and other heavy-duty materials. Mats should be at least 3mm thick and at least 3 ply thick with a measuring grid.

• Extra large(6x12 and larger)

These mats are ideal for large sewing centers and project rooms that require a dedicated space.

• Double-sided

Double-sided mats contain opposing gridlines on each side for different styles of measurement. Other double-sided mats contain a cushioned side to allow for steaming and pressing fabric material.

• Various sizes up to 4x8 feet

These sizes are considered general purpose. They are often used for cutting smaller pieces of fabric for quilts and photos. They are also known for their art and hobby applications such as creating wooden crafts and drawings.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Drawing Instruments & Measurement Devices for Drafting

Drafters, engineers, architects, and artists all need to have the correct drafting tools: drawing instruments & measurement devices for drafting. Other professionals will end up using these tools and instruments as well. They need to have a good place to go to find a large selection of drawing instruments & measurement devices for drafting, because some locations simply do not have the correct tools and devices. Going online is a good idea, and it is also a good idea to ask fellow drafters, engineers, artists, and architects where they get their drafting tools and utensils. There is a wide selection of these types of tools online that are perfect for all engineering and architectural designs. The goal is to find the best and most sturdy tools that will last a long time.

But quality utensils can be difficult to find. It is a good idea to go with name brands, because these have a reputation that they want to uphold, and they generally have years of experience making these types of tools under their belts.

Some of the types of drafting tools that may be necessary for professionals in the architecture, engineering, art, or drafting profession would be drafting scales and rulers, drafting triangles, mechanical drafting scales for draftmen, a rolling parallel ruler for drawing plans, ruling pens, parallel rulers that can be changed in length and size, protractors that have different angles of measure, parallel gliders, which are rolling rulers for design and drafting, engineering scales for engineering drawings, metric scales, which are rulers for engineering and architectural drawings, ship, French, and flexible curl curve measurements and tools for different drafting projects, architects scales for architectural drawings, and of course, drafting dividers, compasses and other instrument sets.

All of these different types of tools and measurement devices can be found online at many different places. Digital plan wheels and master digital plan measuring tools can also be found online. These are more expensive, but they can be very helpful for people in the architectural, engineering, art, and drafting professions. All of these types of tools can be somewhat expensive, but they are worth it for what they offer in quality.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Alvin Roll File with 20 Tubular Openings

The materials and tools that drafters, architects, artists, and engineers use are of the utmost importance. Many drafters find that using a roll file with tubular openings is a great idea for being able to store their rolled documents and other rolled papers. These types of documents may include blueprints or drafting plans.

A great roll file is the Alvin roll file with 20 tubular openings, which can be purchased online and in some brick and mortar stores. The Alvin roll file with 20 tubular openings features a black frame case with rolling legs and four locking casters. The material is black with a powder coated finish and a great overall look.

For those architects, engineers, artists, and drafters who are looking for a portable and mobile case to store their tubular files and blueprints this unit is a wonderful choice. It stands approximately 30 inches high, and it is 18" x 22" in area space. When the unit arrives at the home of the purchaser, there are easy to understand instructions. The user and purchaser can assemble the unit by him or herself, because it is so easy.

Many drafters, architects, engineers, and artists like to use these units at their place of work, however, many also take them home to store their own personal blueprints or plans. It is a flashy and good-looking unit to have in any space. At the bottom of the case, there is an area where flat pieces of paper or plans can be stored as well. Many professionals like to have their papers and plans exposed for easy access, and this is a great unit for that.

This tubular roll file can be found at different locations, but looking online is the best choice. It is sturdy and strong and made of quality materials. It has served many professionals well in their industries. There are many different types of role files that can be found online at different sites, but this is the best option out there right now. It is a simple and classic design and offers great results for the storage of tubular files.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Portable drafting table 30" x 42" by Alvin

For those individuals who work as architects, drafters, engineers or artists, the importance of a well-made and quality drafting table is paramount. It is almost impossible for these professionals to do a good job with their work without a drafting table that caters to all of their artistic and mechanical needs.

One table that is top notch for professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, artistry, drafting and others is the portable drafting table 30 x 42 by Alvin. This drafting table is unlike any other. It has all of the features that a great artist needs and more, and the best part is that it is portable!

The portable drafting table 30 x 42 by Alvin is a large working surface that is durable and sturdy. The portable drafting surface has the signature Alvin Paraliner straightedge, and this feature is already detached so there is no need to take it on and off for use. Phenolic plastic makes up the very robust blade, and there are guide wires and nylon bearings that keep the straightedge always completely parallel with the work at hand. As always, there is the assurance of a smooth movement with the drafting board, which never catches on its up and down glide. There is even an acrylic inking edge that is completely 100% smudge free.

Professionals have the option of using this portable drafting board at work, at home or on trips. Some professional artists and architects use this board by Alvin at home and have a stationary drafting board that they use at work. That way, when a business trip comes up, they can simply pack this one away from home, and they're on their way. Although it is super durable and sturdy, it is also surprisingly lightweight for travel and portability.

Finally, this drafting board was made and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. The product reaches the purchaser's home or business entirely set up and ready for use. Check out all of the buying options for this type of product online. There are some great deals there, and the internet remains the best place to purchase this item.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Super Size Cutting Mat With Grid 4x8 Feet

There are a ton of different jobs that require the use of a cutting mat. Some jobs like that of an artist might require the use of a small cutting mat that could sit comfortably on any desk or table top. But there are other jobs that require a little bit more than that. For example, artists who work with very large materials or drafters and architects who may be working with blueprints that span entire counter tops or table tops.

This is why there are products like the super size cutting mat with grid 4x8 feet available. A large cutting mat like this makes large scale drafting, artistry or any type of cutting work easy to do. The super size cutting mat with grid 4x8 feet is available without the underlay alignment grid--it is up to the choice of the buyer. This item is great for a lot of different types of work, including (but not limited to) large scale fabric cutting for window treatments or large and spreading wedding dresses, for example. Some seamstresses swear by this mat, as do many people who work in the business of upholstery for large furniture items like couches.

Having a large area in which to work is so important, that many artists cannot even complete work without a cutting mat like this one. Although they last a very long time when cared for properly, people who swear by these mats have to actually take time off work when they need to be replaced.

Large cutting mats like this one have a perfect grid that allows precision work and accurate measuring and cutting. There will be no mistakes with this mat. The quality of the mat is extremely good, and these mats are even portable. Many artists and architects alike enjoy taking these mats when they need to do a remote project or even when they plan on working a lot from home, they will transport them back to their house or apartment. Check these mats out online where the best deals are. Be ready to be impressed by their durability and long lasting design.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers

There are a lot of jobs that utilize blueprints, and as such, the employees need to have access to a quality made stand that can hold these blueprints. After all, these large pieces of paper are often the most important part of any building or architecture job.

But what kinds of blueprint racks are the best? One product that seems to sit far above the rest in terms of usability, design, durability and quality craftsmanship is the Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers. This rack is used by many professionals in the fields of architecture, design, engineering and drafting. They can be used in the office or even out of the field where the actual building is going on.

The Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers is completely 100% compatible with many other blueprint stands for ease of use. When a professional needs to look at a specific blueprint, it should be able to be right there in front of him or her at a moment's notice. This blueprint rack allows that.

The rack is made entirely of the best heavy gauge steel, and it is completely coated with a powder coat finish in a a beautiful beige shade. This powder coat is very durable and meant to withstand whatever life throws at it. The stand is also adjustable making it able to fit many different sizes and types of blueprints, anything from small and compact to very large. It can hold all sorts of different drawings and blueprints all the way up to 60 inches in length. There are also 12 blueprint hangers that are chrome plated and very durable. One can use multi sized clamps for hanging (remember that these are sold separately) on the very same rack as the blueprints. These clamps can be purchased in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 42 inches.

To find out more about these racks or to purchase one directly for a home office or business place, look online for the greatest deals and offers. Often shipping comes at a great price, and assembly is easy. Any professional would be glad to have a blueprint rack like this one.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

PXB Parallel Straightedge Board

For drafters, engineers of all kinds, architects and artists, a good and solid work surface is of the utmost importance. Many people who work in these fields do not think about this aspect of someone's work, but if these professionals have a work surface that is either dirty, unstable or bumpy underneath their work papers, their job is in jeopardy.

Instead of working on a surface that is not of the best quality, drafters, engineers, artists and architects should consider working on a PXB Parallel Straightedge Board. These are parallel straight edge boards that give great working comfort for the professional as well as an excellent level of stability. With this board, there is a convenience of a surface found at an actual work space or studio as well as the portability of a travel work surface.

The PXB Parallel Straightedge Board has a white surface that is both modern and attractive as well as highly functional. The board can be set up on absolutely any surface including outdoors, on a table or even on the floor. There is also a convenient ledge (straight edge) for pencils, pens or other utensils. The pulley is smooth and moves easily with the slightest touch.

One can increase the height of this board by simply raising up the height of the legs underneath. There is also a special system in place for drawing very precise and straight lines with the greatest of ease and confidence. For those times when the board needs to be wiped off or cleaned, simply a damp cloth will easily do the job.

There is also no need for a T-square with this product. The board itself utilizes this function for ease. Many artists and drafters in particular are turning to models such as these to work on. Especially when work needs to be taken home after hours, it is important to have quality materials and tools so that the job always gets done right.

To find a quality work surface like this one, simply go online and check out the offers there. This is the best place to find the greatest deals on straightedge boards.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Hanging Clamps 24" Long in a Package of 6 for Blueprint Racks & Stands

Hanging clamps 24" long in a package of 6 for blueprint racks & stands are great for many different types of professions. For example architectural engineers and structural engineers as well as architects themselves need a place to hang their blueprints. Many people do not understand this, because they are not engineers or architects. But blueprints are the most important part of any building project. They are the plan that lays out the plans and the actions for the entire building process. In fact, they are the seed that begins the building process, and without them, the building will never come to fruition.

Simply leaving blueprints to be rolled up in tubes (which can be a major pain) or letting them lie around on tables can be very dangerous. Coffee spills have occurred just too many times, ruining the blueprints. It is often hard and simply a hassle to get new blueprints made up. They are surprisingly expensive to have printed.

While this is all true, it is also unwise to leave blueprints out of doors. Outside in the elements, blue prints can be rained or snowed on, and they often get crinkled and ripped by harsh winds as well. But what are engineers, architects and construction to do with their blueprints?

The answer is in the title of this article. The best thing to do to preserve the quality and longevity of blueprints necessary for a building project is to purchase hanging clamps 24" long in a package of 6 for blueprint racks & stands. These hanging clamps come in a package of 6 as the name suggests, and they are 24 inches in size. The greatest thing about these clamps for blueprints is that they can hold up to a whopping 100 pages all at once. This is almost unheard of, but these clamps are very sturdy and secure. Engineers, on the site workers who need to look at blueprints and architects ca all rest assured that their blueprints will be taken care of if they use these specific types of clamps.

These clamps can be found online, and it is especially wise to purchase the clamps online to find the best deals.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center

Staying organized in one’s business, is one of the keys to success. BD’s Mobile Plan Center makes organization and transport-ability of blueprints, an easy task in your busy work areas. The ability to move prints from one area to the other, as well as the capability to keep up with plans and prints that are in process makes the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center an excellent investment for your busy office. The Plan Center gives print and plan accessibility where it is needed, which supports the flow of the work process, within your organization. The ease of use will be appreciated by everyone. Vertical storage of your prints or blueprints will give easy access and organization of your projects.

The Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center is compatible and interchangeable with the Safco 5059 and the Mayline 9429 blueprint stands. This compatibility gives you flexibility when looking for replacement racks, or when adding new racks. Powder coated heavy gauge steel construction is resistant to chips, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The rack is top loadable and it expands in height to handle prints and drawings up to 50” in length. It can hold up to 12 hanging clamps, which are sold separately and are available in varying sizes, to fit your needs. These facilitate the ease of storage for your prints and blueprints. Four 3” ball bearing swivel casters, with rear locking wheels, make ease of movement about the work place possible, enabling staff to move the Blueprint rack from one work are to the other.

Expand-ability, portability, compatibility and ease of use, are the characteristics of the Mobile Plan Center that will make it an integral tool for your art studio, architectural or engineering firm, or anywhere that large prints must be stored and easily accessed. The Mobile Plan Center by BD is a necessary item to have for your expanding business needs. The lifetime limited, warranty will give you the peace of mind that your equipment will be covered for its service life making this a valuable investment for your organization.