Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center

Staying organized in one’s business, is one of the keys to success. BD’s Mobile Plan Center makes organization and transport-ability of blueprints, an easy task in your busy work areas. The ability to move prints from one area to the other, as well as the capability to keep up with plans and prints that are in process makes the Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center an excellent investment for your busy office. The Plan Center gives print and plan accessibility where it is needed, which supports the flow of the work process, within your organization. The ease of use will be appreciated by everyone. Vertical storage of your prints or blueprints will give easy access and organization of your projects.

The Blueprint Rack BD Mobile Plan Center is compatible and interchangeable with the Safco 5059 and the Mayline 9429 blueprint stands. This compatibility gives you flexibility when looking for replacement racks, or when adding new racks. Powder coated heavy gauge steel construction is resistant to chips, and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The rack is top loadable and it expands in height to handle prints and drawings up to 50” in length. It can hold up to 12 hanging clamps, which are sold separately and are available in varying sizes, to fit your needs. These facilitate the ease of storage for your prints and blueprints. Four 3” ball bearing swivel casters, with rear locking wheels, make ease of movement about the work place possible, enabling staff to move the Blueprint rack from one work are to the other.

Expand-ability, portability, compatibility and ease of use, are the characteristics of the Mobile Plan Center that will make it an integral tool for your art studio, architectural or engineering firm, or anywhere that large prints must be stored and easily accessed. The Mobile Plan Center by BD is a necessary item to have for your expanding business needs. The lifetime limited, warranty will give you the peace of mind that your equipment will be covered for its service life making this a valuable investment for your organization. 


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