Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers

There are a lot of jobs that utilize blueprints, and as such, the employees need to have access to a quality made stand that can hold these blueprints. After all, these large pieces of paper are often the most important part of any building or architecture job.

But what kinds of blueprint racks are the best? One product that seems to sit far above the rest in terms of usability, design, durability and quality craftsmanship is the Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers. This rack is used by many professionals in the fields of architecture, design, engineering and drafting. They can be used in the office or even out of the field where the actual building is going on.

The Brookside Mobile Blueprint Rack with Hangers is completely 100% compatible with many other blueprint stands for ease of use. When a professional needs to look at a specific blueprint, it should be able to be right there in front of him or her at a moment's notice. This blueprint rack allows that.

The rack is made entirely of the best heavy gauge steel, and it is completely coated with a powder coat finish in a a beautiful beige shade. This powder coat is very durable and meant to withstand whatever life throws at it. The stand is also adjustable making it able to fit many different sizes and types of blueprints, anything from small and compact to very large. It can hold all sorts of different drawings and blueprints all the way up to 60 inches in length. There are also 12 blueprint hangers that are chrome plated and very durable. One can use multi sized clamps for hanging (remember that these are sold separately) on the very same rack as the blueprints. These clamps can be purchased in sizes ranging from 18 inches to 42 inches.

To find out more about these racks or to purchase one directly for a home office or business place, look online for the greatest deals and offers. Often shipping comes at a great price, and assembly is easy. Any professional would be glad to have a blueprint rack like this one.


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