Sunday, April 27, 2014

Cutting Mat and Rotary Tool Tips

Cutting mats and cutting mat tools go together as one of the most common craft and hobby tools available. They can be highly portable or function as a large crafting center for quilts and graphic layouts. However, there are a few guidelines to consider when purchasing one or both of these tools for projects.

Rotary Tool Tips

Rotary tools come in several sizes to accommodate different types of material to cut. A rotary tool should be used with care and can be adjusted based on the speed of cutting desired. Holding the tool at waist height on a table works best. Notions such as cutting rulers and a straight edge help prevent injury and protect the material from moving around.

• Small

Smaller cutters are approximately 28mm in size and are ideal for cutting photos or small, thinner pieces of fabric such as drapery lining.

• Medium

The medium 45mm cutters are considered all-purpose tools for most projects.

• Large

Large rotary cutters are 60mm or larger and can cut through very heavy fabric or longer pieces of material. They are also ideal for cutting through multiple layers of material or balsa wood.
Cutting Mat Uses and Types

Most cutting mats are 'self healing', which means that they will not show a blemish after using a cutting device on the surface. Many crafters find this beneficial in aesthetics and keeping a smooth surface for cutting fabric and other heavy-duty materials. Mats should be at least 3mm thick and at least 3 ply thick with a measuring grid.

• Extra large(6x12 and larger)

These mats are ideal for large sewing centers and project rooms that require a dedicated space.

• Double-sided

Double-sided mats contain opposing gridlines on each side for different styles of measurement. Other double-sided mats contain a cushioned side to allow for steaming and pressing fabric material.

• Various sizes up to 4x8 feet

These sizes are considered general purpose. They are often used for cutting smaller pieces of fabric for quilts and photos. They are also known for their art and hobby applications such as creating wooden crafts and drawings.


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