Saturday, April 12, 2014

Portable drafting table 30" x 42" by Alvin

For those individuals who work as architects, drafters, engineers or artists, the importance of a well-made and quality drafting table is paramount. It is almost impossible for these professionals to do a good job with their work without a drafting table that caters to all of their artistic and mechanical needs.

One table that is top notch for professionals in the fields of engineering, architecture, artistry, drafting and others is the portable drafting table 30 x 42 by Alvin. This drafting table is unlike any other. It has all of the features that a great artist needs and more, and the best part is that it is portable!

The portable drafting table 30 x 42 by Alvin is a large working surface that is durable and sturdy. The portable drafting surface has the signature Alvin Paraliner straightedge, and this feature is already detached so there is no need to take it on and off for use. Phenolic plastic makes up the very robust blade, and there are guide wires and nylon bearings that keep the straightedge always completely parallel with the work at hand. As always, there is the assurance of a smooth movement with the drafting board, which never catches on its up and down glide. There is even an acrylic inking edge that is completely 100% smudge free.

Professionals have the option of using this portable drafting board at work, at home or on trips. Some professional artists and architects use this board by Alvin at home and have a stationary drafting board that they use at work. That way, when a business trip comes up, they can simply pack this one away from home, and they're on their way. Although it is super durable and sturdy, it is also surprisingly lightweight for travel and portability.

Finally, this drafting board was made and manufactured entirely in the United States of America. The product reaches the purchaser's home or business entirely set up and ready for use. Check out all of the buying options for this type of product online. There are some great deals there, and the internet remains the best place to purchase this item.


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