Sunday, April 6, 2014

PXB Parallel Straightedge Board

For drafters, engineers of all kinds, architects and artists, a good and solid work surface is of the utmost importance. Many people who work in these fields do not think about this aspect of someone's work, but if these professionals have a work surface that is either dirty, unstable or bumpy underneath their work papers, their job is in jeopardy.

Instead of working on a surface that is not of the best quality, drafters, engineers, artists and architects should consider working on a PXB Parallel Straightedge Board. These are parallel straight edge boards that give great working comfort for the professional as well as an excellent level of stability. With this board, there is a convenience of a surface found at an actual work space or studio as well as the portability of a travel work surface.

The PXB Parallel Straightedge Board has a white surface that is both modern and attractive as well as highly functional. The board can be set up on absolutely any surface including outdoors, on a table or even on the floor. There is also a convenient ledge (straight edge) for pencils, pens or other utensils. The pulley is smooth and moves easily with the slightest touch.

One can increase the height of this board by simply raising up the height of the legs underneath. There is also a special system in place for drawing very precise and straight lines with the greatest of ease and confidence. For those times when the board needs to be wiped off or cleaned, simply a damp cloth will easily do the job.

There is also no need for a T-square with this product. The board itself utilizes this function for ease. Many artists and drafters in particular are turning to models such as these to work on. Especially when work needs to be taken home after hours, it is important to have quality materials and tools so that the job always gets done right.

To find a quality work surface like this one, simply go online and check out the offers there. This is the best place to find the greatest deals on straightedge boards.


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