Friday, May 30, 2014

Flat File Cabinets

The life of an artist is a constant struggle with space. Just as the artist balances empty space in their work, pieces of art are in constant need of empty space for storage. Artwork can be quite difficult to store safely and securely. Many storage options do not accommodate the space that is required; some even damage the work. Architects and city planners fight this same fight as they struggle to find the space to store their drawings and blueprints. Flat file cabinets are a sensible answer to this problem.

Flat file cabinets offer safe and secure storage for many pieces in a small space. They allow for one corner of the room to be dedicated to storage and free up the rest of the room for work space. These cabinets are stackable to suit the needs of the busy artist; you can store as many items as needed within these cabinets.

To prevent damage to drawings and paintings, there are file cabinets that are made with high-quality paints often used in archiving. These paints and materials do not contain the harsh vapors of regular paint. Drawers pull out for easy access without the need to pull the work itself into and out of storage. Cabinets made of steel are extra durable and will resist wear and tear. You can count on these cabinets to store works through a lifetime career in art and architecture.

They also come in a variety of colors. Artists will appreciate color selection. These cabinets can be color-customized to blend in with any room to maintain design integrity. You may also select a model that has casters for mobility within the room. Locking casters keep it in place when not in use.

File cabinets are a great addition to any artist's equipment. Storage between art shows and galleries is important to maintain the integrity of the work. Additionally, architects can save their drawings from tearing and curling by employing flat files. This is important to keep the drawing looking professional and in good condition to sell a design to a client. These cabinets are a must-have for any artist, architect, city planner, or anyone with a large collection of drawings.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alvin Cutting Rulers

When it comes to drawing blueprints or other drawings in engineering, construction or manufacturing it's vital to be as precise as possible. Likewise, when people are framing pictures, cutting glass or other similar activities they also need a tool that will help them be as accurate as possible. For many activities both on the job and in a home workshop, Alvin Cutting Rulers are what many turn to when they need to cut a precise line on glass, leather, paper or other surfaces.

Available in sizes ranging from 18"-72", these cutting rulers are 2" wide and .093" thick, making them easy to handle and place on virtually any surface. Offering users a beveled straightedge, they are very good for projects requiring the use of a hobby knife, rotary cutter or utility knife. With the stainless steel design, these cutting rulers are made to last for many years while standing up to the toughest of tasks.

As with all Alvin Cutting Rulers, durability is a standard feature. Made of the toughest material, they can withstand daily use in a workplace or the occasional home project. Complete with a satin, non-glare finish and a hanging hole that allows them to easily hang on a wall rather than be tossed in a drawer, these cutting rulers are considered some of the best in the industry.

With prices ranging from $25 for an 18" ruler to just under $100 for a 72" version, these rulers are affordable and practical additions for anyone who regularly needs an accurate straight edge. Rather than trying to use a conventional ruler or other item that may offer a straight edge, it makes far more sense to purchase a cutting ruler that is specifically designed to give a perfect edge each and every time. As those who have used them for years can attest, when a person is using an Alvin they are using the best.
To find your own Alvin cutting ruler, you can find the perfect type for your projects on our online store. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Reasons to Choose Rapidographs for Illustration and Drafting

Rapidographs have been a standard tool used in illustration, drafting and even fine art for decades. The pens have a level of reliability that cannot be found with crow quills, brushes or even disposable technical pens. Although they take a little practice to use effectively at first, rapidographs can become invaluable over time. There are several reasons to choose rapidographs for illustration or drafting.

Consistent Line Weight Every Time

One of the main draws of Koh-i-noor Rapidograph pens is that they produce a consistent line weight every time when used correctly. This is because the steel tips and spiral interior allow ink to flow at a predictable rate out of a nib that does not change shape. Even pressing down a little will not cause the line weight to increase. A consistent line weight will help with illustration, graphic design and technical drafting.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The tips on rapidographs are easily removable with a special key. The tips are very easy to clean and maintain. They can be soaked and washed in a simple solution that will dissolve the ink inside and keep the nib clear. The ink reservoir inside is also very simple to remove and clean. Most people who use rapidographs clean them once every few days for the best performance and longest life.

Refillable Reservoirs

Koh-i-noor Rapidograph pens have a refillable reservoir inside instead of a disposable sealed cartridge. This means nearly any type of ink that is thin enough can be used inside of the pens. Some illustrators and artists actually used thinned gouache or watercolor inside of the pens. Many inks made especially for rapidographs are available in a wide range of colors.

Wide Selection of Tips

There are many different tips available for rapidographs. Tips can be changed out on a single body as needed. It is far more common to own a set of rapidographs so that each tip size has a dedicated body. The tips range from the thinnest 0x3 up to a size 4.0.

Compatible with All Drafting Tools

Nearly all drafting tools made over the last two decades are designed to work with rapidographs. This includes everything from compasses and pantographs to parallel rules and drafting machines. Rapidographs do not usually bleed under a drafting tool like disposable pens, brushes or crow quills.
If you are interested in purchasing a rapidograph, you can find them on online specialty drafting stores.

Friday, May 23, 2014

What to Look At When Choosing a Drafting Table or Desk

Drafting tables are used by all types of artists, illustrators and draftsmen. They are also used for crafts and photography. A good drafting table or desk can last for decades. There are currently many different types of tables and desks available for all types of work. There are several things to look at when choosing a drafting table.

Size of the Work Surface

The first thing to consider is the size of the work surface. There are compact drafting tables available and very large desks. It is important to consider the largest sized board or paper that will be used on the desk. An overly large surface can make it difficult to always work on small projects. Surfaces that are too small can affect the quality of the finished work. The size of the surface should match the type of work being done.

Adjustable Height and Tilt

One of the most important features to look for in drafting tables & desks is the ability to adjust the height and tilt of the work surface. It is best to choose a table that can be raised or lowered by several inches or more to adjust for seating and the work being done. Additionally, the tilt of the table should be adjustable. This can make it much easier to work with different mediums that have different viscosities.

Storage Space for Supplies

Many different supplies can be used with drafting tables & desks. The table should have some way to store art or drafting supplies. This could mean a tray that attaches to the side, drawers under the work surface or sliding storage areas. Choosing a table or desk with good storage will make it simpler to switch between tools and access supplies. It also allows the table to be more compact since an external cabinet is not always necessary.

Surface Material

The material the work surface is made from should be considered although it does not always matter as much as other factors. Metal drafting desks are very durable and can last for a long time. Wooden drafting tables have a little give and usually need a vinyl cover to protect the surface from cuts and scratches. Wood is sometimes a good choice because tacks and other tools can be driven into the surface when drafting.

To find a wide variety of drafting desk and tables, it is best to look at online stores that specialize in drafting tools. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Light Boxes and Tables Illuminate Artwork & Graphics to Cut, Trace & Edit

There are so many situations in art in which people often wish they had further illumination to perform precise cutting, tracing, and editing. Light boxes and tables help to accomplish this common plight among artists. Light boxes and tables illuminate artwork & graphics to cut, trace & edit with precision.

A light box is a container that houses several lightbulbs for interior illumination with a glass or frosted Plexiglass top. Though they were invented for sorting photographic plates, light boxes are now being applied to several different uses. Artists love light boxes because they make it easy to view, sort, and organize artwork. Most photographers use light boxes to view slides and other translucent film. The illumination provides a backdrop to turn negative images into more easily viewed lighted images. Photographers use this to their advantage to sort through photos, slides, negatives, and other various forms of film.

Artists also use light boxes for tracing. Lines and details are illuminated through the even light of the Plexiglas that make them much easier to follow and imitate. Embossing and calligraphy are so detailed that mastering the art is often made easier by tracing letters on a light box.

Light tables are also a blessing to many artists whose work is extremely detailed. The light of a light table comes from day lamps that mimic daylight. This ensures color-correctness and an ability to see what the art will look like in natural light. Many galleries are shown indoors, but there are also many artists who use outdoor festivals to seek recognition. These artists are appreciative of an opportunity to work in imitated daylight to achieve the desired coloring.

Light boxes and tables are a godsend for artists everywhere. Detailed drawing is made much easier with the help of additional light or the yellow light of the sun.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack Stand with Hangers

Storing and viewing sets of blueprints can be a hassle. They are often big and bulky and difficult to lay out for viewing. Brookside has recently come out with a new blueprint rack stand that makes storing and viewing blueprints easy.

This new Brookside blueprint plan rack stand with hangers puts drawings where you need them. The stand is made of durable heavy gauge steel that will not tip or wear down. It is coated in a durable beige powder finish to prevent chips. The quality of this product is guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty. That means you can expect a lifetime of reliable, secure storage.

The main feature of this blueprint rack stand is that it comes with hangers. These hangers swing out wide to allow for maximum storage and optimal viewing. Hanging clamps are sold separately, but these hangers can adapt to any size of hanging clamp that is desired from 18" to 42".

The Brookside blueprint plan rack stand with hangers also features a telescoping channel that allows the stand to adjust in height and depth for a variation of blueprint sizes up to 60" long. The stand can hold up to 1200 sheets of blueprints. For portability, the stand has 4 swivel casters with 3" ball bearings. Back casters have the ability to lock to keep the stand in place.

The truly great thing about this stand is that it is compatible and interchangeable with Safco 5026 and Mayline 9249H blueprint stands and blueprint racks. If you already own these other models, you can easily use the same stands and racks on this Brookside model to accommodate aging materials.

Blueprint storing and viewing has never been so easy. Brookside makes it all one simple process. Plans will no longer get lost being kept loose around the office. This stand provides the peace of mind of safe and secure blueprint storage.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glass Top Desks by Studio Designs

Artists and architects often find themselves frustrated with their ordinary desks that are not designed for drawing. Many of the desks on the market for artists are out of date and not in the current style for a home or office. Studio Designs has a wide selection of tables for artist and drafting that have a modern design.

Glass top desks by Studio Designs have all the unique styling of modern minimalism. Built to imitate the clean lines and sharp edges of architecture, these desks are streamlined to provide plenty of room to draw. All glass tops are a silver/blue tempered safety glass.

Studio Designs has a selection of glass top desks that are sure to suit any criteria. For example, Vision desks have casters for mobility. The back two casters lock to keep the desk in place. The Futura desk is especially interesting in that the glass can be elevated or lowered into a flat position. It also features a cork board for miscellaneous notes, pictures, and inspiration.

All glass top desks by Studio Designs specific to drawing and crafting are built with a silver metal frame. Some frames are coated with a powder that limits scratching and chipping of the metal.

These desks are suitable to any room you may have in mind for a work space. School classrooms, offices, studios, home offices, and dorm rooms alike can benefit from the addition of this style of desk. And with the mobile desks, anywhere you draw can be your studio. Studio Designs has made it easy to find a modern artist and drafting table that fits in any work space. An artist can enjoy the freedom that a glass top desk offers without causing the room's decorative theme to suffer. The updated classic styling of these desks are perfect for any contemporary space.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cutting Mats, Knives, and Scissors Kits: Excellent Gifts for Hobbyists and Craft Enthusiasts

Cutting mats knives & scissors kits are gift ideas for hobby & craft enthusiasts. Useful in a variety of crafts, these handy tools are a must-have for anyone hoping to get serious about their hobby. From making collages to practicing calligraphy, many crafts can find a use for a cutting mat. Applying one below any craft or hobby work can easily save a table or other surface from wear and tear, maintaining the furniture below while still enabling anyone to work where they please. Measuring is a breeze with grid lines printed directly on the mat, ensuring that rulers that can slip and slide become unnecessary. Additionally, using a self healing mat will ensure that the surface can be reused for many hours of crafting to come!

Another useful pair of tools that are sometimes included with cutting mats are scissors and knives. What better idea than to get all in one kit? Buying everything at once allows for great savings, not to mention there is no waiting for one while the other has already arrived. Similarly to the mat, knives and scissors are very versatile where hobbies and crafting are concerned. Working with paper becomes extremely easy to manage with these tools. Light woodworking is easily manageable as well, as is helping one's children with a fun school project!

With a cutting mat kit that also provides quality knives and scissors, anyone can get right into their favorite hobby as soon as the kit arrives. Setup is fast and easy, as the mat, scissors, and knives are ready to go as soon as they are opened. With materials on hand, any hobbyist can get right into the thick of their work as soon as the kit arrives. Combining the convenience of the self healing mat with multiple art blades ensures that not only will the hobbyist be able to start quickly, but continue on for hours of fun!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Organize Your Office And Enhance Your Operations With The Safco 24 Tube Chrome Wire Roll File

Keeping a well-organized office is essential in the building and development industry. Between satisfying the requests of local planning departments and dealing with property easements and other issues that can derail major projects, most developers find themselves swimming in blue prints, plot plans and full-size plans. Fortunately, the Safco 24 tube chrome wire roll file makes it easy to keep these all in one simple and well-ordered space.

Move Your Plans From Place To Place With Ease

Rolled plans can be surprisingly heavy, especially when you have a large accumulation of these that you want to transport from room to room. The roll file by Safeco is constructed from heavy-gauge steel rod that is chrome plated. Thus, not only is it attractive enough to keep in an office where you routinely entertain clients, prospects and associates, but it is also durable enough to stand up to the job. Best of all, it sits on four swivel casters, making it easy to transport plans from room to room or to redesign your work space.

Easy Assembly And Easy Identification Of The Stored Plans

When purchasing the Safco 24 tube chrome wire roll file, professionals do not have to gear up for a major assembly process. They simply need to unfold the main unit and drop in the grids and main base. Moreover, this design comes with a grandstand that makes it easy to identify the stored items. Not only will it be possible to maintain a pristine work area, but builders, developers, contractors and architects can quickly access the pages they need for their current tasks.

Creating A Clean And Functional Work Space

Every industry requires specific tools for maintaining a well-organized and fully functional work space. When it comes to the building and development industry, having a way to easily order and identify plans is essential. With a roll file like this one, professionals can quickly collect the plans they need when preparing for major submissions to planning departments or they can simply archive old works for future reference.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Portfolio Cases: an Excellent yet Economical Way to Protect Documents and Art

No matter what the situation, it is best to protect important art, documents, and other valuable print media with a strong, durable portfolio case. Art students should strongly consider investing in one to keep delicate pieces of work safe during travel. Similarly, professionals should acquire a portfolio case not just for similar reasons, but to add an air of sophistication to their work. Having a solid and stylish portfolio case shows that not only is the work important, but that the artist is able to maintain a certain appearance to appeal to distinguished clients. While adding a distinct effect, a portfolio case thankfully does not have to break the bank, allowing anyone who needs to protect their work to do so efficiently and in style.

Portfolio cases do not have to be a large discomfort to the person using them. Many come with comfortable straps or handles to allow for ease of use, no matter where they are taken. Even heavy duty cases can be acquired with some level of comfort, whether it be in the type of material used or the handiness of having well made straps and handles. A properly made portfolio case will of course provide both excellent security for the documents within as well as a pleasant carrying experience for its owner.

Choosing the right portfolio case for a particular need can be daunting. Thankfully, many retailers that sell cases will classify them in easily recognizable ways so that any artist, aspiring or established, will be able to quickly find the right style for them. After that, many subsets of portfolio cases will have enough items to provide a decent variety, but not too many so as to overwhelm the user. From selection to use, a solid portfolio case provides a wonderful experience to any artist or professional looking to preserve their work.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Organization Begins with Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes

Organization creates a better more effective work place, and using the right storage units are the perfect answer for any busy office. A place for everything is the motto for businesses that want to keep documents safe and protected for the long and short term. The benefits of having proper organizational units become clear when items are lost or damaged because of disorganization within an office. Valuable employee time and assets are spent each year on people who are consistently trying to find items that have been laid down and lost in a mass of unorganized clutter. The first step to organization begins with the right storage unit for a particular item.

The Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes is designed for the home or business where there are materials that need to be stored and protected. The storage units are particularly good for maps, blueprints, and drawings that can be rolled and put into a tube opening. They are made of heavy steel with an anti-racking system that is made to be durable and long lasting. The fiberboard tubes with aluminum moldings hold a large amount of material safely. These storage files are stackable, which allows for optimal usage of available space and is a great long term solution for items that are hard to store.

These amazing storage systems come in an attractive Tropic Sand finish that matches any office décor and are shipped fully assembled. The doors are conveniently reversible for a left or right opening and can be labeled for easy identification. This makes finding and retrieving the rolls quicker and easier than ever before. They are available in a 16 tube design or a 36 tube design, both of which have the capacity to hold a large amount of rolled material. Clutter has met its match with the Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes that is made to bring organization to any business. These time and money savers keep material safe and protected, which allows employees to do their work free of the stress that comes with a disorganized space. The right storage system is the answer for any business that needs to take their work environment to the next level.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables

The Mayline Company has been the go-to company for professional architects, engineers and designers looking for high quality drafting equipment since they opened shop in 1939. As you would expect from the company that invented the straightedge, Mayline has not been sitting on its laurels for the past 50 years. They continue to develop innovative products for the engineering and design industries. It is in that tradition that the Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables were born. Conceivably the sturdiest drafting tables on the market today, the Ranger line comes in a variety of sizes to suit your specific needs. Best of all, they are made right here in the U.S.A.

The Ranger models are 37” high with a solid, four-post steel construction that includes a front rub rail. All table tops are scratch resistant and made from 1” thick thermally fused laminate over a wood core. They have a tasteful birch woodgrain finish with steel end cleats. Six sizes are available, ranging from 42”W x 30”D, perfect for dorms or other small spaces; up to a substantial 84”W x43.5”D, suitable for professional offices or multiple user environments. The table top tilts an impressive 50°from the horizontal. The stable base comes in an attractive desert sage base color and is available with optional lockable tool and plan drawers. They come with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty and assembly is required.

To further solidify their reputation as a vanguard of the industry, the Mayline Company has had the entire Ranger line of drafting tables indoor air quality tested by the Intertek Green Leaf VOC certification program. Products carrying the Green Leaf VOC+ certification meet or exceed stringent limitations on emissions of Volatile Organic Concentrations of substances like formaldehyde. This added step provides peace of mind to those buying products for schools or enclosed spaces.

Consumers with a need for a quality-made, smooth and stable work surface, or an appreciation for green company practices, will find all of that and more in Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables. These drafting tables continue the tradition of the Mayline Company of providing cutting-edge designs and up-to-the-minute safety standards.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Caring for Your Self Healing Cutting Mat

From professional drafters and designers to hobbyist quilters and scrap-bookers, Self Healing Cutting Mats are a must. These non-stick, non-slip cutting mats protect drafting tables and other work surfaces from rotary blades and utility knives without dulling knife blades. Best of all, nicks and cuts left in these polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cutting mats disappear in minutes, allowing the mat to be used again and again.

Though they are extremely durable, these cutting mats are not completely indestructible. They require proper care and maintenance in order to retain their self healing properties. The following tips will help the professional and hobbyist preserve their cutting mat for years of use.

The surface of the cutting mat should always be kept clean and residue-free. Fabric fibers, paper residue, dust, and lint can get caught in the grooves of the mat and can dry the mat out over time. This debris should be wiped away from the mat using a lint magnet or damp sponge.

Moisture is critical to maintaining a cutting mat's self healing properties. Mats should be soaked occasionally in a solution of cool water mixed with white vinegar for 15 to 20 minutes, then allowed to dry on a flat surface. Cutting mats should always be stored flat, never in an upright position.

Although small knife marks and nicks will heal due to the three-ply PVC construction of the cutting mat, users should be careful not to cut too often along the same lines. Occasional maintenance with a mat smoother will also help to remove stubborn cutting marks that haven't healed completely.

Heat is one of the cutting mat's worst enemies. Excessive heat can cause the mat to warp and become unusable. Cutting mats should never be left in direct sunlight or inside a hot car, and must not be used as an ironing surface. Spilled coffee or hot foods can also damage cutting mats, so great care should be taken to avoid spills.

With a bit of care and maintenance, weekend crafters and full-time drafters can enjoy the use of their Self Healing Cutting Mats for many years.