Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alvin Cutting Rulers

When it comes to drawing blueprints or other drawings in engineering, construction or manufacturing it's vital to be as precise as possible. Likewise, when people are framing pictures, cutting glass or other similar activities they also need a tool that will help them be as accurate as possible. For many activities both on the job and in a home workshop, Alvin Cutting Rulers are what many turn to when they need to cut a precise line on glass, leather, paper or other surfaces.

Available in sizes ranging from 18"-72", these cutting rulers are 2" wide and .093" thick, making them easy to handle and place on virtually any surface. Offering users a beveled straightedge, they are very good for projects requiring the use of a hobby knife, rotary cutter or utility knife. With the stainless steel design, these cutting rulers are made to last for many years while standing up to the toughest of tasks.

As with all Alvin Cutting Rulers, durability is a standard feature. Made of the toughest material, they can withstand daily use in a workplace or the occasional home project. Complete with a satin, non-glare finish and a hanging hole that allows them to easily hang on a wall rather than be tossed in a drawer, these cutting rulers are considered some of the best in the industry.

With prices ranging from $25 for an 18" ruler to just under $100 for a 72" version, these rulers are affordable and practical additions for anyone who regularly needs an accurate straight edge. Rather than trying to use a conventional ruler or other item that may offer a straight edge, it makes far more sense to purchase a cutting ruler that is specifically designed to give a perfect edge each and every time. As those who have used them for years can attest, when a person is using an Alvin they are using the best.
To find your own Alvin cutting ruler, you can find the perfect type for your projects on our online store. 


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