Monday, May 19, 2014

Brookside Blueprint Plan Rack Stand with Hangers

Storing and viewing sets of blueprints can be a hassle. They are often big and bulky and difficult to lay out for viewing. Brookside has recently come out with a new blueprint rack stand that makes storing and viewing blueprints easy.

This new Brookside blueprint plan rack stand with hangers puts drawings where you need them. The stand is made of durable heavy gauge steel that will not tip or wear down. It is coated in a durable beige powder finish to prevent chips. The quality of this product is guaranteed with a limited lifetime warranty. That means you can expect a lifetime of reliable, secure storage.

The main feature of this blueprint rack stand is that it comes with hangers. These hangers swing out wide to allow for maximum storage and optimal viewing. Hanging clamps are sold separately, but these hangers can adapt to any size of hanging clamp that is desired from 18" to 42".

The Brookside blueprint plan rack stand with hangers also features a telescoping channel that allows the stand to adjust in height and depth for a variation of blueprint sizes up to 60" long. The stand can hold up to 1200 sheets of blueprints. For portability, the stand has 4 swivel casters with 3" ball bearings. Back casters have the ability to lock to keep the stand in place.

The truly great thing about this stand is that it is compatible and interchangeable with Safco 5026 and Mayline 9249H blueprint stands and blueprint racks. If you already own these other models, you can easily use the same stands and racks on this Brookside model to accommodate aging materials.

Blueprint storing and viewing has never been so easy. Brookside makes it all one simple process. Plans will no longer get lost being kept loose around the office. This stand provides the peace of mind of safe and secure blueprint storage.


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