Saturday, May 17, 2014

Glass Top Desks by Studio Designs

Artists and architects often find themselves frustrated with their ordinary desks that are not designed for drawing. Many of the desks on the market for artists are out of date and not in the current style for a home or office. Studio Designs has a wide selection of tables for artist and drafting that have a modern design.

Glass top desks by Studio Designs have all the unique styling of modern minimalism. Built to imitate the clean lines and sharp edges of architecture, these desks are streamlined to provide plenty of room to draw. All glass tops are a silver/blue tempered safety glass.

Studio Designs has a selection of glass top desks that are sure to suit any criteria. For example, Vision desks have casters for mobility. The back two casters lock to keep the desk in place. The Futura desk is especially interesting in that the glass can be elevated or lowered into a flat position. It also features a cork board for miscellaneous notes, pictures, and inspiration.

All glass top desks by Studio Designs specific to drawing and crafting are built with a silver metal frame. Some frames are coated with a powder that limits scratching and chipping of the metal.

These desks are suitable to any room you may have in mind for a work space. School classrooms, offices, studios, home offices, and dorm rooms alike can benefit from the addition of this style of desk. And with the mobile desks, anywhere you draw can be your studio. Studio Designs has made it easy to find a modern artist and drafting table that fits in any work space. An artist can enjoy the freedom that a glass top desk offers without causing the room's decorative theme to suffer. The updated classic styling of these desks are perfect for any contemporary space.


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