Monday, May 5, 2014

Organization Begins with Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes

Organization creates a better more effective work place, and using the right storage units are the perfect answer for any busy office. A place for everything is the motto for businesses that want to keep documents safe and protected for the long and short term. The benefits of having proper organizational units become clear when items are lost or damaged because of disorganization within an office. Valuable employee time and assets are spent each year on people who are consistently trying to find items that have been laid down and lost in a mass of unorganized clutter. The first step to organization begins with the right storage unit for a particular item.

The Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes is designed for the home or business where there are materials that need to be stored and protected. The storage units are particularly good for maps, blueprints, and drawings that can be rolled and put into a tube opening. They are made of heavy steel with an anti-racking system that is made to be durable and long lasting. The fiberboard tubes with aluminum moldings hold a large amount of material safely. These storage files are stackable, which allows for optimal usage of available space and is a great long term solution for items that are hard to store.

These amazing storage systems come in an attractive Tropic Sand finish that matches any office décor and are shipped fully assembled. The doors are conveniently reversible for a left or right opening and can be labeled for easy identification. This makes finding and retrieving the rolls quicker and easier than ever before. They are available in a 16 tube design or a 36 tube design, both of which have the capacity to hold a large amount of rolled material. Clutter has met its match with the Safco Steel Roll File Storage Boxes that is made to bring organization to any business. These time and money savers keep material safe and protected, which allows employees to do their work free of the stress that comes with a disorganized space. The right storage system is the answer for any business that needs to take their work environment to the next level.


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