Saturday, May 10, 2014

Organize Your Office And Enhance Your Operations With The Safco 24 Tube Chrome Wire Roll File

Keeping a well-organized office is essential in the building and development industry. Between satisfying the requests of local planning departments and dealing with property easements and other issues that can derail major projects, most developers find themselves swimming in blue prints, plot plans and full-size plans. Fortunately, the Safco 24 tube chrome wire roll file makes it easy to keep these all in one simple and well-ordered space.

Move Your Plans From Place To Place With Ease

Rolled plans can be surprisingly heavy, especially when you have a large accumulation of these that you want to transport from room to room. The roll file by Safeco is constructed from heavy-gauge steel rod that is chrome plated. Thus, not only is it attractive enough to keep in an office where you routinely entertain clients, prospects and associates, but it is also durable enough to stand up to the job. Best of all, it sits on four swivel casters, making it easy to transport plans from room to room or to redesign your work space.

Easy Assembly And Easy Identification Of The Stored Plans

When purchasing the Safco 24 tube chrome wire roll file, professionals do not have to gear up for a major assembly process. They simply need to unfold the main unit and drop in the grids and main base. Moreover, this design comes with a grandstand that makes it easy to identify the stored items. Not only will it be possible to maintain a pristine work area, but builders, developers, contractors and architects can quickly access the pages they need for their current tasks.

Creating A Clean And Functional Work Space

Every industry requires specific tools for maintaining a well-organized and fully functional work space. When it comes to the building and development industry, having a way to easily order and identify plans is essential. With a roll file like this one, professionals can quickly collect the plans they need when preparing for major submissions to planning departments or they can simply archive old works for future reference.


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