Monday, June 23, 2014

Large Ellipse Template Set with 15 Projections and 12 Cutouts Each, from 10° to 80° Ellipses, 2 1/8” to 4” Size

Drafting templates are utilized to expedite the process of drafting, design, and other forms of drawing. They give a template by which certain shapes and symbols that are standard and formulaic to many forms of design can be easily outlined with speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Templates are made of plastic and come in many forms of cutout, including cutouts symbolizing a vast variety of floor plans, elevation systems, doors, windows, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, flow charts, lettering, and landscape, in addition to basic shapes such as circles, arrows, squares, triangles, and ellipses, etc.

The templates shown here are made by Alvin and feature a variety of ellipses ranging from 2 1/8” to 4” in size and from 10° to 80°. The degree measurement of an ellipse is a reference to its near cousin the circle. A two-dimensional circle when seen as a full circle is viewed at a 90° angle. When viewed at any other angle the two dimensional outline of a circular shape ‘warps’, becoming elliptical in shape, hence the degree measurement of ellipses and also the use of elliptical templates in rendering circular objects in three dimensions from varying angles, whether it be in artistic, drafting, or engineering endeavors. There are 15 templates included, each with 12 cutouts, giving 18 ellipses in total.

Here is a YouTube video giving additional visual description on the function of ellipses and their formation as well as an explanation of drafting template use


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