Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Reasons to Own a Self-Healing Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are designed to provide a safe and durable surface that can be used to cut a variety of materials for art, drafting or hobby purposes. They come in a range of sizes all the way up to nearly 8 feet across. There are several reasons why artists, draftsmen or hobbyists should own a cutting mat.

One Mat Lasts a Long Time

Cutting mats have a unique self-healing capability that makes them very durable. The mats are created from layers of material. The gashes and cuts that would usually be left behind by a sharp blade or rolling cutter actually vanish almost immediately. This leaves the surface smooth even after repeated use every day. A single cutting mat can last for years without degrading.

Create Cleaner Cuts

The cuts that are made on self-healing cutting mats are much cleaner than cuts made on a hard surface. Cutting through paper or fabric on a hard surface can cause the material to catch and tear. Creating smooth curves or sharp corners can be difficult because of the limited position of the blade. Cutting mats allow the blade glide smoothly and dynamically during use. This creates clean and smooth cuts.

Making Detailed Measurements Is Simpler

Cutting mats are usually printed with a very accurate grid that can be used to make precise measurements. The grid makes it easy to measure by inches or fractions of inches without having to use a separate ruler every time. Some mats even have angled lines on the board so that it is simple to make a 45-degree angle cut when needed. This allows for better precision when cutting materials for specific purposes like engineering models.

Protect Drafting Tables and Boards

Self-healing cutting mats are a common sight in many studios and homes because they protect the underlying surface. It is very difficult to cut completely through a mat because of the layered materials. The mats can be used to protect the surface of a drawing board, a tabletop or even the vinyl cover on a drafting table. Additionally, the cutting mat protects the sharpness of the blade being used since it does not scrape against a hard surface.
If you are interested in getting a self-healing cutting mat for your home or office, it is easy to find the perfect fit by visiting a online drafting specialty store. 


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