Thursday, June 19, 2014

Tips for Getting Professional Results When Using Hobby Knifes

One of the most important tools for crafts, drafting or nearly any type of art is a sharp knife. A sharp knife makes it possible to cut through plastic, foamboard, balsa wood and paper of any weight. Although a knife might look simple enough, it actually requires some skill to use correctly. Several tips will help anyone to get professional results when using hobby knifes.

Cut With the Center of the Blade

The first tip is to cut with the center of the blade. A mistake many people make is to try to cut with just the tip. The tip of the blade will just catch on the paper and cause tears. A sharp knife should go easily through any material. The knife should be inserted a little into the paper or board before starting to move along the cutting line. This will ensure a clean and sharp edge.

Do Not Apply Too Much Pressure

A sharp knife does not need a large amount pressure in order to cut through materials. This is especially true with paper or even certain types of boards. Only enough pressure to move the knife along the designated cutting line should be applied. Pressing too hard does not make the knife work better. Too much pressure can dull the blade or cause the tip to snap off. Cutting should be done gently.

Replace the Blades Regularly

It is important to keep a good number of replacement blades available. The blades should be changed regularly. Keeping the blades on hobby knifes sharp will increase the crispness of every edge. Dull blades can lead to mistakes if the knife makes a ragged edge, catches the material and then starts moving in the wrong direction. The blade should be replaced as soon as the tip starts to look a little dull.

Change the Angle Depending On the Type of Cut

A final tip is to change the angle the knife is held at depending on the type of cut. A very low angle should be used when cutting long and straight lines or when using a straightedge as a guide. A steeper angle should be used when cutting curves or using a template. This provides the best edge and cleanest cut.

Most of all, it is important to get a knife that works well for your desired use.


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